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sunny days

So its my anniversary.

5 years today of my pain.

after various tests,specialists and diagnosis of IBS I am left out in a wilderness experimenting to cure myself.

The symptoms have changed many times.

I now have excrutiating pain after eating evening meal.

So i am trying enzymes which are helping with that.

Also I've just started taking 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice going to bed.

The one common denominator is the pain in my left ovary area ??? with spasms radiating to my groin and sometimes an ache under my ribcage.

The last time I had a specialist appointment, he offered me a psychiatric consultation.

Very demoralising.

I'm 68 and look as fit as a fiddle.

The doctors here in spain just look at the previous report and write a new one on the same lines without even examining you.

I am defeated.

All i can do is grin and bear it and wait for the day something drastic happens.

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I never got a diagnosis I gave up when every one around you looks at you like your making the pain up it's soul destroying ,never needed much help medically before this and now I need help well they just look at me like I'm an idiot ,so I live with the pain too because I can't face going back ,so sorry your in such pain let's hope some light is shed soon

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it is so frustrating because we cant do whats best for us without knowing whats wrong.

diet for instance.

i can buy any medications here including antibiotics.

i,ve started using pancreatic enzymes which are making a difference.

i'm also taking 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with same olive oil in a little hot water last thing at night.

whether my problem is gynno or digestive this may help.

''grasping at straws'' comes to mind lol

tell me about your situation.


It started like hell fires were burning in my vagina and rectum area and it felt as if everything was swollen but it wasn't to look at ,several hospital ,Drs and Nurses appointments later I was given estrogen which made me really ill and that's it no scans no nothing just a pat on the shoulder like I was a neurotic 16 year and a there there dear ,I also swung from constipation to running to the toilet with terrible nauseating cramps ,so I decided to grin and bear I haven't got time for multitudes more of Drs and hospital appointments as I'm a full time carer for my disabled daughter any way longer story short I changed my diet lost some weight ,I tried allergy tablets for the swelling and thankfully it worked the burning also stopped after I stopped the kegels I had been told to do , so now I am left with a fullness feeling in the vagina area ,pain and pressure on sitting in the mons pubis area when I lie down it moves to the perinium if I do too much I get tummy ache and coccyx pain and my stomach churns like I need to pass wind constantly ,so can't do my cardio any more , tried physillium husk and acidophilus and apple cider vinegar drinks and baths , now I am trying peppermint capsules and aloe Vera no bladder problems no water infections oh and if I sit too long and the wrong way pins and needles in my legs ,heat pads do nothing ,ice helped with the burning ,do sitzs baths but I also get the pain I get lying down in the bath no pain killers from over the counter touch it or even take an edge off ,but on the plus side all my ironing gets done cause I don't want to sit and actually harder surfaces are easier to sit on and hip pain I get too phew sorry to waffle


are you in the uk?

i'm glad you 'waffled'.

you may get replies from like-minded ladies.

its scarey cos you know the medical proffesion havent done their best for you.

so many of us have lost faith in them.

if you were royalty , they would have fixed you.

the urologist i saw a couple of years ago cleverly diagnosed me with 'chronic pelvic pain' but i already knew that.

he prescribed Tryptizol which is basically a happy pill.

it did stop my pain but i kept falling asleep on them.

i suppose you've tried them.

i also went to a private gynno who said i needed a hysterectomy.

the national health gynnos 7 in all took the huff after that so i didnt stand a chance of getting treatment being an ex-pat and not fully understanding their rapid language.

the gynnos here are all men and have the macho attitude.

have you had a swab done for pelvic inflammatory disease.?



i have found over my 6 year journey with pelvic pain, never to give up or give in, keep searching for the answers your need, its so much easier to cope with a condition, if you know what it is.

do as much research as you can into every possible condition it could be, and eliminate each one, there are always drs out there who are more in tune with certain conditions than others, keep trying to solve the puzzle!



yes i do keep searching.

but i've had all the tests come up negative so theres no point in going back to the medics.

so its up to me to find the problem.

dr google has become my best friend and i've learned how to seperate the nonsense from 'learned articles'.

it is easy to become obsessed.

its disappointing when test results come back negative .

thats a rediculous statement but its true isnt it. !!

take care.keep the faith.


what are your full symptoms


over the 5 years they have changed.

but always had the intense pain in my lower left pelvic area.

i think its my ovary area but of course my guts are all around there also.

i also get indigestion after eating ,especially after evening meal when i tend to sit.

i had a colonoscopy but was incomplete as i was tortured beyond belief and i,m not a wimp.

i am now on a waiting list for another one but have asked for a general anesthetic.

the waiting list is 2 years long.

tell me your 6 year situation.


my pain is more in the vulval area, to the left hand side, it just started suddenly, about 5 1/2 years ago. i have been to see so many different drs in this time trying to get a real diagnosis, only recently has a diagnosis been confirmed by the nantes team in france and am going back there in january to have more surgery and i am hoping this will work. i have had so many procedures over the 5 years, none of which worked and am on a cocktail of painkillers which have put 3st on me, i really would like to reduce them so that i can try and lose some weight. i had very little help from the nhs in the uk and have done all the research etc myself, it gets to be a mission after a while



I have pelvic pain too, over 3 years now. It started with a burning sensation that got more and more intense. Pain, burning, rawness, stinging in the left side of the vulva is one of the biggest issues. Overall that whole area is just a block of pain and inflammation. Started pretty suddenly. I was fine all along before this. Never had this issue.

I have seen so many doctors in the 3 years and have only now found one who actually listened and provided a game plan for the pain he actually put a name on! that includes nerve blocks and meds, as well as relaxation/meditation.

This is very new so I can't say I've had improvement yet. I have other issues going on as well and not sure if they are related. I'm seeing a physical therapist for some lower back/sacrum issues.

Hang in there and keep looking for a doctor until you find one who will listen and explain what is happening to you clearly and logically and will give you a plan that makes sense. The doctors who just talk hysterectomy right off the bat make me suspicious. There has to be other options before major surgeries are considered. There is some troubleshooting to be done. You will need patience and a little support from your loved one and this website!


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