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latest results, I'm so tired

hi I'm supplementing daily with

5000 jarrows b12

ferrous fumarate420mg

125mg thyroxine

30mg T3

5000 vit D

3000 vit c



3000 fish oil

Vit B complex

Serum progesterone 21.6 nmol/L

Serum FSH 8.5IU/L (1.7-21.5)

Serum lutenising hormone 6.6IU/L

Serum oestradiol-17B 210 pmol/L

Vit D 132nmol/L High( >50nmol/L <30nmol/L)

Serum iron 9umol/L (10-30) Low

Transferritin 1.90g/L(2.0-3.6) Low

Ferritin 95ug/L

(pre menopause 13-150)

(Post menopause 13-300)

Transferritin saturation 19%

B12 >2000ng/L (197-771) High

Folate 14.1ng/L (4.6-18.7)

Free thyroxine 12.6pmol/L (12-22)

TSH <0.01 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

Free T3 4.3 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

I've noticed a low in form and energy since I had the mirena coil removed in February.

I'm not sleepin as well and have wondered if I'm menopausal.

I've an appointment tomorrow and wondered should I have it refitted?

My libido is 👎🏼

Thank you for any advice you can offer 👌🏼

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Suin , did you mean to post this on the TUK forum and/or did you mean to post a photo of the test results?


I had posted results but my personal info was on them , I'll repost, thank you


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