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Help with test results please

Hi I have finally got my test results from my GP. I was wondering if anyone could look at them and let me know what they think please. Sorry but have added everything as not sure what I could miss out. I cannot find my original B12 result as not sure what I am reading but know at the time I was told it was 105. Once again sorry so long winded. Thank you x

Values and Investigations (Latest Value)

24-Oct-2014 Serum vitamin B12 - (CWR3308)

Normal- no action 338 ng/L 150.00 - 1000.00ng/L

24-Oct-2014 Red blood cell folate - (CWR3308)

Normal- no action 402 ug/L 140.00 - 820.0Oug/L

24-Oct-2014 Full blood count - FBC - (CWR3308)

Normal- no action

Haemoglobin estimation 128 g/L 115.00 - 165.00g/L

Total white cell count5.6 10*9/L4.00 - 11.0010*9/L

Platelet count 220 10*9/L 140.00 -400.0010*9/L

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 95.0 fL82.00 - 100.00fL

Haematocrit 0.383 I/I 0.37 - 0.471/1

Red blood cell (RBC) count4.03 10*12/L 3.80 - 5.8010*12/L

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH) 31.7 pg 27.00 - 32.00pg

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC) 334 g/L 320.00 - 360.00g/L

Red blood cell distribut width 12.1 % 12.00 - 15.00%

Neutrophil count 2.5 10*9/L 2.00 - 7.5010*9/L

Lymphocyte count2.4 10*9/L 1.50 - 4.0010*9/L

Monocyte count 0.6 10*9/L 0.20 - 0.8010*9/L

Eosinophil count 0.1 10*9/L 0.00 - 0.4010*9/L

Basophil count 0.1 10*9/L 0.00 - 0.1010*9/L

Nucleated red blood cell count 0.0 10*9/L

23-Jul-2014 Immunology test - (CWR3308) - Normal- no action

Clinical details : low B12




Collected 23.07.14 Reported 25.07.2014 by Stephen Nixon

Referred to : QE Gateshead

Investigation requested : Gastric parietal cell antibody


Anti-Parietal Cell Antibody = Negative

23-Jul-2014 ! TPO - (CWR) - *Repeat Test in 6 months 53 ku/L0.00-34.00ku/L

Thyroid peroxisomal (TPO) antibody Positive

Autoimmune thyroid disease - at risk of future hypothyroidism

10-Jul-2014 Serum ferritin - (CWR) - Normal - No Action 68 ug/L 12.00 - 250.0Oug/L

10-Jul-2014 Serum TSH level - (CWR) - Normal – No Action 0.79 mIU/L 0.30 - 4.50mIU/L

Euthyroid picture (including satisfactory thyroxine replacement)

10-Jul-2014 GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD - (CWR) -83 ml/min/1.73m^2

Normal - No Action

Slight decrease in eGFR (not corrected for ethnicity)

10-Jul-2014 Liver function test - (CWR) - Normal - No Action

Serum total bilirubin level 10 umol/L <21.00umol/L

Serum alkaline phosphatase 62 u/L 30.00 - 130.00u/L

Serum ALT level15 u/L <40.00u/L

Serum total protein 76 g/L 60.00 - 80.00g/L

Serum albumin 47 g/L 35.00 - 50.00g/L

Serum globulin 29 g/L 20.00 - 35.00g/L

10-Jul-2014 Urea and electrolytes - (CWR) Normal - No Action

Serum sodium 139 mmol/L133.00 - 146.00mmol/L

Serum potassium4.2 mmol/L3.50 - 5.30mmol/L

Serum urea level4.9 mmol/L 2.50 - 7.80mmol/L

Serum creatinine 80 umol/L55.00 - 95.00umol/L

10-Jul-2014 Plasma glucose level - (CWR) - Normal - No Action3.9 mmol/L

Non-fasting glucose

10-Jul-2014Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - (CWR) –

Normal - No Action3 mm/h

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Your blood test look good, as far as I can see, all in normal range, but your serum B12 could be higher if you are on treatment. It all depends on how you feel. If you still have symptoms then that is what counts. Blood test are only half the story, I read in your other post (optician) you have decided to self medicate more frequent B12? Can do no harm, see if it helps you, it helped me a lot, including seeing better.

Kind regards,



Thanks for looking at that for me Marre I just can't understand all those numbers! The Thyroid thing is weird though I am currently on medication for this yet it flagged up a negative result which I was not told about. Not a surprise though given my GP.

You're right though they are only half the story. It's been 4 weeks since my last injection and my symptoms have not really gone away well not as much as they did after my loading doses. I am eagely awaiting a parcel so I can start self medicating.

Eyes weren't too bad thank you only change was the "getting old eyesight thing" that makes you hold your book a mile away to read :-)

Thanks again xx


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