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Resorted to CBD oil

Has anyone had any relief from pain for this??

Basically at the end of my tether with back pain and near to loosing it today.

Nhs have tried with pain killers like. Co -codamol 30/500 gabapentin, amityrptyline, naproxen, ibuprofen, pregabalin, acupuncture, tens machine, physio and Nothing working .

Bad tonight so have gone to try this cbd oil and someone's mentioned magnesium to try.

Anyone had help from these?

Wear and tear on back and maybe muscular but why don't the strongest of pain killers even touch me? I stop the tabs if they don't work as no point putting them into my body if not doing anything but why not?

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Sounds like me.

I've got cbd oil @ mild strength.


Some people over on Restless Legs get relief from it. A lot of different strains.

CBD Brothers seem to have a good press - will help over the phone. UK based.


No such thing as a pain killer but there is pain relief. You are right though to not take medications that do nothing. I use CBD blue edition ( cbd brothers) in the morning to help with inflammation.

I would ask you GPL for referral to a Pain clinic who should be able to give you appointments with a medication expert as well as a physio and teach you about managing your pain.

However if yiu are not certain as to the cause of your pain and because pain clinic referrals can take a long time it is certainly worth going to a chiropractor for advice on where the cause of the pain stems from. My chiropractor gives me exercises to strengthen the back and has xrayed the area to check for the degree of wear and tear in my spine.

Try rhe oil though. I find a cbd oil vape very useful for pain relief on the move. Medi pen is the name.



Thanks deejames. I have been down the road of pain clinic with facet joint injections and epidurals but nothing really touched it. I can cope when good but yesterday was a particularly bad day. Much better today so far and not as stressed with it.

I think I will be using the oil in those situations rather than every day. Apart from the fact do t want to rely on it - it tastes nasty lol xx


That sounds just like me, you have to take the oil everyday, you start off slow and work your way up till you find the dose that suits you, there is a group on Facebook called CBD USERS UK, ask to join the group, there is loads of information on there .

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Hi there Ianalison,

I'm a bit puzzled by people's reports of CBD.

They say as you said.... you have to get the right doese and type of oil etc...

But if the CBD oil doesn't have the high/doping effect that cannabis has.... how does it work?

I mean like if you smoked a very strong cannabis joint you can feel the relaxing/high effects straight away.

As you say you have to get the CBD that suits you best as they have different strengths. ... if the CDB has the high part of cannabis removed. ... how will you assess the strength of the CBD...?


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I'm not 100% sure, I'm still learning myself, I've sever osteoarthritis and I'm getting good pain relief, ask to join this Facebook group CBD USERS UK there is loads of information on there.


Thanks for the ultra fast reply.

I don't use Facebook. .. I used to years ago... I just got fed up with the 'how many friends have you count'

Or perhaps I'm just a very grumpy sarcastic cynical git :o)

Perhaps some other CBD user could comment. .... don't get me wrong id love the euphoric high associated with cannabis. .. but I just hate smoking.

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Maybe try and google it then if you are not in Facebook, good luck to you.


Steve there is no high whatsoever in cbd oil. The best stuff is from plants that are bred to have that element at miniscule levels. Legal amounts.

Other kinds have the THC removed. Cheaper kinds will be less good but the amounts taken are very small. Drops only.

Just off to take mine now.



It's the strength of the non THC components of the cbd oil that reduce pain, heal etc. The tricky part at the moment is that companies who sell it are only allowed to give minimal information which is quite non specific.

The Facebook page is useful as the information share is from users and is about their experincentives with their various ailments and pain.

I strongly suggest applying to join. You just have to wait a short while before the administrators get back to you.



The cartridges for the medi pen are 25 for one? That's extortionate lol is there no other one?


Hi. I have just started on a Cannabis/Hemp oil I bought online. Like you I had just about reached the end of my tether with my GP being so unhelpful and telling the painkilling meds I am on DO work.......Yeah well why am I in so much pain?

So I looked online and saw a lot of positive reviews for the Gel oil capsules and decided to give them a go.

I am on a lot of meds so Ive started taking one a day (the dose is 3) then I thought Id work up to the 3 a day over a week or so.

Cant positively say I am having any results as yet but I would try anything.

Good luck, I really do understand the pain you are in.


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Hi, In reply to your question about CBD oil and Magnesium. I use the oil, but I find it a bit expensive, so I'm on a low dose. This seems to take the edge off the pain, but doesn't stop it altogether. Now Magnesium is another thing. I used to get restless leg syndrome to the point where it was disturbing my sleep. Also IBS and pain under my right rib which I was told is Gall Bladder problems. I started to take Magnesium just over a month ago and the right rib pain disappeared. My restless leg problem is 70% improved and I have an improved sleep pattern. I have Fibromyalgia and I feel that the oil does help with this. Good luck with taking it and I do sympathise with you.


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