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Cbd oil and Brutrans patches

Hi has anyone used the cbd oil with bupnemorphine patches..im at my wits end with chronic back pain but have read online that cannabis oil and my patches can cause a major reaction.my gp would never agree to the oil or to me weaning off the patches. I'm in the UK so would have to try and get it from a reputable source online but am so confused by all the info and I can't concentrate a lot with the pain.Any help would be appreciated

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What sort of side effects?

Yes, they're both sedating (technically), but unless you take LOADS I don't see it being a problem.

When I was on Butrans patches, I did smoke weed a couple of times. Not loads as I don't really like to get drunk or high these days, but enough to feel a little high/ relaxed. Although I did notice that when taking it, that there was a definite reduction in pain; This is I'm so frustrated the UK doesn't allow medical marijuana as there's so much potential, especially for breakthrough pain.

Buprenorphine is quite an interesting opioid as it can actually block other opioids from working, even detach them from receptors (I won't bore you with science).


I actually had a similar question about whether cbd interacted with Tramadol and anti-histamines. I heard it inhibits something like p450(?) which is what processes these drugs in the liver or something.

I've got some cbd oil and capsules I want to try but unsure whether I need to come off the Tramadol first (and antihistamines which taking for the itch)? Probably being over cautious but I live on my own so bit worried about if it did affect my breathing or something when sleeping...

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Hi I asked my gp yesterday and he said that I shouldn't go down the route of cbd as apart from things that the oil is mixed with both it and the patches work on the same lines so breathing could become a problem.You should try and find out from your gp as tramadol is an opiode also.


I have asked my GP about it but she's basically said (twice now) she doesn't know anything about cbd and it's up to me if I want to try it. Basically not taking any responsibility, which is a bit similar to her attitude with me trying to get a firm diagnosis!

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It's very frustrating when we can't get any proper info.also I have emailed a few of the companies that sell the oil and they are not allowed to give any medical advice either.My pain is so out of control with morphine patches,nerve pain tablets,muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory tablets.Im afraid to give it a go now as I would need to wean off my patch under gp supervision.I hope you can get a diagnosis. That's not fair.

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I have just got some hemp oil capsules from Amazon which say they are hog in omega 3 and other things I typed into Amazon CBD but the prices were so high for the oil you spray in your mouth so thought I would give these capsules a try to see if they help me sleep and relax i have had them for two days now this is the third and last night I actually slept through the night which is unheard of for me not sure if it’s the capsules or what I have no side effects my breathing hasn’t been affected in fact I was having palpitations before taking them and have been up all night these may not be the same thing you are all talking about but a couple of reviews said they had helped with pain etc. As they are 300 mg I thought they aren’t too high as I did see they had some 1000mg as well it also states they are a dietary supplement so I thought it may give me some of the things my body is lacking as well which could help the joints. I take MST and oromorph for breakthrough pain along with a concoction of other pills as we all know what works for one may not work for another. Just thought I would give you my experience so far.



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