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Does anyone have similar symptoms? Other brains NEEDED!!


Chronic Right side flank pain (3 years) on the side/front below my ribs and above my hips wraps around and radiates. Pain is always there. I over use ibuprofen to try to take the edge off but that rarely works anymore.

Bilateral kidney stones non obstructing (big)

History of passing kidney stones

Chronic recurrent UTI

Hematuria, protien, and high WBC- No bacteria

In urinalysis

Blood tests come back normal

Kidney function dropped 4 numbers in 6 months

Doctors keep trying to send me to a pain specialist BUT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!! So I can fix it, instead of covering it up! I'm a wife and mom of 2 beautiful girls, and they need me back!! All I do is research to try and figure it out myself but it's tough. It's hard not to feel defeated. I feel like doctors just don't get it or care. If anyone knows anything about flank pain or anything please comment!! Any knowledge and/or thoughts help!

Tests and procedures

Several Ct scans with and without contrast


Several blood tests

Pelvic Laprascopy



I'm about to have a cystoscopy and kidney stone surgery.

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hi there from Ireland. I am 66 and I. Have had exactly the same for 3 years now going on 4. All tests, scans, you name it. Nothing. Nada. Bed WAS horrific to get some sleep. During day I could cope felt it constantly but I described bed as trying to lie on brick. Does this sound like you? Do not go to pain management, after hurting me hip by yanking my leg up where it never had been before, their letter suggested Costicondritis, spelt wrong, but it isn't. I did have a car crash with whip lash12 yrs ago and a fall after shower on wet floor 5 yrs ago that was what I was blaming. All the above was in UK as living under NHS then. But, I have a good relief for you. Lidocaine patches. They absolutely work. Perfect for a great sleep. Anaesthesia absorbed through skin over 12 hours-----9pm to 9am. Bliss! Non addictive etc. After 2-3 months only this year I noticed I wasn't even thinking about putting them on. The very odd one only. I can turn in bed but still feel tenderness in area. I don't even take paracetamol. I DO so hope this helps as its enough to drive you over the edge! As an aside(pun intended), I was miserably unhappy without realizing it in my new marriage number 2. Things went AWOL Nov last, hence my Irish return. Now divorcing the Narcissist. So the thought at the back of my mind is of course psychosomatic pain. I don't know your situation but hopefully you are happy and can rule that thought out. That's all I can to help you with the rotten pain in rib side. Xh

DLAZ in reply to 1goldie

Thank you so much for commenting!!! It's almost 1a.m here and I can't sleep because, YES, i know what you mean. I feel like I'm laying on bricks! It even hurts to lay my face on my pillow. It's so weird. Not sure if that's connected. I have so many weird symptoms. Ugh, makes me exhausted. Did you ever find out what the cause of you pain is? Sounds like you've been through a lot!! I'm sorry things are awful for you too. The only traumatic thing that happened right before that was post partum depression after my daughter, a herniated disk that triggered sciatica, I couldn't get out of bed or roll on my side. I was like a turtle on its back! I was fine for months and months after! I had a c-section and one doctor was thinking nerve pain from that but the initial pain when the sudden onset happened felt similar to renal colic when you're passing kidney stones but not as severe but still really bad! I can't walk for long, stand for long, or do anything active without my pain level going through the roof. It's a nightmare. I hope you get your pain figured out and feel better soon!!

I know what you mean about not wanting to go to the pain clinic before they sort out physical things, but it seems that they are sorting the physical side with the kidney stone surgery, so maybe try to call their bluff and go to the pain clinic. Because the specialists there will see pretty soon what is causing the pain and if they can't treat it they will send you back to your GP and consultants in a stronger position.

I had a friend that recently did this when she had pain in her face. They said it was stress from being mother to three grown up autistic sons and running a support group. They wanted her to have counselling before referring her to a consultant. So she went.

She had a great time, got on very well with the counsellor who wrote a letter saying that her mental state was fine, please refer to consultant.

So sometimes these referrals are just as good at saying what the pain isn't, as they are to treating the pain.

Thank you for commenting! This is so isolating due to no one understanding at all, so the support is so appreciated. If the urologist doesn't find it I may go to a pain specialist. I didnt know they actually help with diagnosing! I thought they just gave you pain meds. I just want to rule out my internal before Anything else. With all this perfect blood test results it's confusing. It's all becoming so overwhelming, it's such a nightmare.

This needs a two handed approach. You need to see a McTimony chiropractor to check for any micro cramps in your back and front muscles. You also need to see an Alexander Teacher to help with postural problems. Posture and muscle control have a great deal of influence on the generation or relief of pain.

It is worth investigating to see if what I have suggested is helpful or not. A set of symptoms can have many different possible causes. The area of muscle control cause is not something that is taught in medical school and so would not be something a medical consultant investigates.

I do yoga and have pretty decent posture. Something I always forget is that I do have scoliosis and vitamin d deficiency, idk if that contributes or not. I've never heard of micro cramps before?

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