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Does anyone have any home remedies to suggest on how to help deal with the constant pain?


I have been dealing with pain since I was 26. It started in my right leg and has over the years moved throughout my entire body. I am 33 now and I feel like I'm 80 I have days that I can barely move. I wake in the middle of the night trying to switch sleeping positions but my legs just don't want to move It is so painful when I try to stretch them, and my left arm , face and shoulder are in constant pain and they go numb I feel like my spine is constantly cracking also. I asked my doctors for help and all they tell me. YOUR to young to feel this way they think I just want pain meds. Which I have told them I do not care about the meds I just want to know why I'm in pain and why it's gotten worse. I know this is alot but it's only half of how I'm feeling everyday. Can anyone help?

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Mayb a good idea to keep a diary about how your feeling in general and then read up about fibromyalgia as the pain moves around this could be what the problem is it's not nice to have but at least it could give you some answers x

inpain31 in reply to JuneRose

Thank you June I have looked into fibromyalgia also my doctor tells me I'm to young for that. I don't know any other options


I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I have been in constant pain since I was 29 and basically had the same experience with doctors as you. I am now 37 and was last week diagnosed with fibromyalgia and x-rays have shown that 2 of my ribs are fused together causing my chest pain. If you can get the courage, ask to be referred to a rheumatologist. After 9 years of constant pain, I am finally just starting to get some pain relief and treatment. Never give up, there is hope and your symptoms do sound similar to my fibromyalgia.

All I can say is good luck and I will be thinking of you x

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Thank you I never thought of seeing a rheumatologist. Do I have to be referred by my doctor?

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Yes, you need to be referred by doc, but you just need to ask doc to see rheumatologist. There should be no problems with that.

Someone posted today about magnesium as a pain relief agent. you can't get more home remedy than Epsom Salts!

Epsom salts are incredible. I use it every bath time and recommend it to everyone for the relief of pain.

Hi I have the same problem, but with me they said it was osteo arthritis. It got to the stage where the pain was getting so bad and I was having other symptoms. These were MS symptoms. I went to my doctor on many occasions telling him I think I had MS. I just got fobbed off. I went privately to a neurologist. I have got MS. I saw an NHS neurorogist in feb and am due to go back this week. Like you I am fed up with the pain, which is getting worse and worse and I can now barely walk. This probably wasn't exactly what you wanted to hear-but I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I am not going to be all-accepting on Friday. Maybe complaining and moaning will help???

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Thank you lynn I have also looked up things on MS. Ive also complained and have cried to him and nothing. It's very nice to know I'm not alone I always feel like I am.

Hi Inpain31, I am like you i damaged my back whilst in the army on a exercise and at the time i was told to rest for 2 weeks have lots of hot bath's and take asprin, that was when i was 26 now i am 60 and can hardly stand up over the years i have been told i have 3 broken bones in my back to there is nothing wrong with me depending on which doctor i see when i was told i had three broken bones the radiographer showed me the mri scan and pointed out the breaks and she told me it looks like a compression fracture i told her i had been squashed with a large role of aluminum and that they had to fetch a big digger to move it to get me out, the army tried everything they could to fix me but in the end it did not help i was starting to believe it was all in my head but they did MUA (manipulation under anaesthetic) the doctor who did it came to see me the next day with a huge black eye, i asked who did that to him and he said I did it I was under general anaesthetic and he moved me one way and i lashed out with my leg and kicked him in the eye with my heal he added this is the only time in my army career to get away with knocking out a colonel then he said even though they do not know what the problem is there is still a problem and it is not in my head or i am not making it up which some people do to get out of the army i said i could get out any time i want as i was in my 12th year and from the 9th year point i could get out with giving just 1 month notice but at least i found out it was not just in my head which was what i was beginning to believe.

all the advice i can give you is either ask for a second opinion or move doctors if there is another one close don't give up keep going to your doctor and let him know how it is affecting you keep a diary of your pain just a simple one will do i did one on my computer using google calendar , this is a copy of my summary page:-


Summory of pain record for Poppy Ann Lynagh-Smith

Pain Group 1

Pain record using a scale of 1 to 10,

with one being equal to someone stubbing a toe on the end of the bed

it hurts but you know it will go away soon.

and a ten being like some one hit you with a sledgehammer

and all you want is to die all movement is extremely painful

Pain Group 2

On a level of 1 to 2, I can get myself up and dressed and if I need to

I can walk short distances up to around 20 meters and after a short

rest I can walk a little more but after a couple of times I start to get

more and more pain and have to stop if I am lucky I will be ok and

my back will not go into spasm but it can take me a couple of days to

get over it.

Pain Group 3

on a level of 3 to 4, I can get up and dressed but all I can do is sit or

lie down I can make a cup of tea or something but not much else.

Pain Group 4

on a level of 5 to 7, I can get up but do not get dressed as doing so

will make my back go into spasm I have to hold onto something

to be able to move about,all movement is very painful and I can not

even make a cup of tea.

on a level of 8 or above I cannot get up or do anything if I am not in

bed I normally have to crawl to it from where ever I am at the time

every small movement is extremely painful even trying to take a

deep breath causes pain.

over the last two years which are the same as the the previous 2

years I have had :-

86 days or 10.23% with a 1 or 2 pain level

278 days or 33.06% with a 3 or 4 pain level

351 days or 41.7% with a 5 to 7 pain level

126 days or 14.9% with a 8 to 10 pain level


when i presented it at my appeal they told me some people come and try to say they are at a level 10 every day when no one will believe some one is at a level 10 at that state they would just want to kill themselves to stop the pain

good luck with controlling your pain for the future

regards Poppy Ann

Dear inpain31

Have you got anyone to accompany you to the gp's surgery? If not, take a person who has got a strong personality, to go with you - everytime. Go again and again. Change gp's or surgeries Make notes of what you tell them, put it in writing. Send copies to the NHS! Write to the BBC or whoever, just do not take it lying down.

I wish you luck and less pain xxxx

Hi Inpain 31, constant pain is difficult to live with and there are always days when it is harder to cope with. When I was in my thirty's I went to a class which taught you how to close the pain barrier in your brain which helps reduce the pain, the main gist was based on distraction, it was run by the arthritis clinic at the local hospital. Nowadays they have pain clinics instead but they mainly use drugs. Try an electric blanket at night or these heat bags you warm in the micro as warmth relieves many pains. Fluid intake can alter the pain level, drink plenty. Some foods make a difference too. Some herbal remedies for arthritis work on other pains also. I have a massage bed but that is a luxury many cant afford, in fact I considered renting it to others to help pay for it (smiles). But in spite of all the things including support splints, bandages and pain killers I still have a certain level of pain constantly so realise there is only so much you can do for ongoing pain. So aim at minimising your pain with the things that suit you best, exercising is now being advised as it can help some by building up their muscles. The list is endless and only you can possibly work out what is best for you good luck hopefully you will find a solution soon


I am in the same boat as you and what you are going to hear is bad news

I have been push from doc to doc for 5 year with back pain and with the NHS the way it is you have a long wait

but there is a drug called Palexia you can get most doc ill not give it out due to the cost look it up on the net .It has a lot less side affects than all the others out there and this one works .

I have been on t for 20 weeks and feel great . lots more to say to you about this please email me at I know I can help you


My sister was suffering from acute pain after a bad cancer resulting in surgery etc.

She finally went to a Natural health doctor, who recommended taking vitamin E and bathing in Epson salts or sea salt. He also recommended eating coconut oil ( see and drinking Apple Cider vinegar. ( lots of info on the net about this ) It certainly worked for my sister. She said she is pain free 80-90% of the time. These are all natural foods so are definitly worth trying. We all react differently of course. But a friend of mine with arthritis has also noticed a difference in her painful joints.

Heat packs (the sort you put in the microwave, or the ones you stick on that last for several hours) help me. Have you tried a TENS machine or acupuncture? Also a book called "Overcoming Chronic Pain" by Frances Cole which gives some useful advice. You can get similar practical advice from the Pain Concern website too.

I didn't know what was causing my pain for several years either, but part of the trick has been working out what eases it, even if only for a short period. I've found it helpful to keep a list of what helps, along with stuff like the heat packs, all in one place, so that when it all feels awful you don't have to root about getting it and yourself all together.

You are certainly on the right track by thinking about trying out other ways to deal with your pain. Good luck.

Sleep, stress reduction, no junk or proccessed foods, magnesium supplement, tons of water, stay active and in shape, if your depressed seek help immediately because it makes physical pain worse. Try distractions,don't spend all your time researching, reach out to family and friends for any support, try new doctors until you find one that gets it. Remember old cells die each day and new healthy ones are formed in their place. Tell yourself you can handle it, your stronger than it, you'll defeat this.

Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas. I will most definitely give them all a try. It's nice to know I am not alone. I have tried talking to friends and family and they don't listen and I feel like they do not believe me either. I know the pain is real it's there everyday. At first I thought maybe it was all in my head but now I know for sure it's not. I just wish there was a way to get some one to actually take me seriously. I hide my pain everyday and cry alone when it's too much to bare. You all have no n idea how much it means to me, to have people understand how I feel and what I am going through. I am very thankful for all your help. .Patricia


you have depleted your Magnesium in body due to constant pain. I also feel that your Zinc level has gone down .

What you must try is Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg one a day and 15 to 30 mg of Zinc tablet once a day.

Soak in Epsom salt bath at 35 to 40 degrees C for 30 minutes in the evening.

I think you will be thankful for starting Magnesium therapy.

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