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Inflammation and pain after having extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy - back pain has actually become worse since treatment Why?

My partner has suffered with lower back pain for many years, however since having treatment for kidney stones two years ago, the pain has become worse. He is on pain relief tablets every 4 hours, and has been everyday for the last two years! Whats going on, he has been told he also has a nodule of some sort on his lumber spine. One other thing when he was a child he was kicked in the back (kidney area) and had been in hospital due to passing blood in his urine after this incident. I believe there maybe inflammation in this area that is being continually reinflammed due to regular movement. Has anyone experienced anything similar, or could offer advise on what might be going on? He is becoming more and more immobile as the months go by?

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Personally I would expect the nodule in the lower back will not be effecting the kidney at this time, We do not know the circumstances regarding the kicking He received when young, was damage looked for at that time??

You say that your partner had stones blasted/removed did the bleeding start soon after treatment or is the blood in urine a new problem, not associated with the operation He suffered in the past. Generally if some blood is still been passed you need to see the GP ASAP.

With regard to the nodule on the lower back/spine they would have checked and XRAYED, also scanned so they will have discussed their findings with your GP. Again I do not know how long ago you were seen regarding this problem.

You may need to discuss this also with your GP. Also if your partner has been taking a lot of pain medications He would be advised to see your GP regarding more suitable medications.

Remember I am not a Doctor,you will need to make an appointment to see your GP, discuss all with Him in surgery

Good Luck



Hi Bob

Thank you for your reply. I think I may not have explained myself properly, my partner has been seen many times by the doctor and the hospital and his pain relief is prescribed. He has been to a number of sessions at the pain clinic, to seek advise, but now feels they cant help him, hence why we are taking it on ourselves to research it and try to find some answers. With regard to the incident when he was about 12 years being kicked in the kidneys, he was hospitalized for over 3 months and checked and assessed regularly but this was over 40 years ago - that was the time when he was urinating blood, this ISNT happening now! otherwise obviously we would check in with the doctor! what my belief is, that the damage tissue around his kidneys has been made scaring which is compressing on nerves and on his spine causing permanent inflammation, hence why the pain relief isnt working properly, he could take anti inflammatory but long term use of these pills is not favourable. Thank you for your concerns anyhow.




Have you discussed your theory with his GP? If so what did he say? Has he seen a urologist or spinal surgeon or orthopaedic specialist recently? What meds is he on and what has he tried? Is the pain just in his lower back?


Not discussed my theory with GP. However he saw a urologist who referred him on to a rhematoid arthristis specialist who checked him suggested 2nd veterbrae was the problem he has inflammation on the nerve causing pins and needles down left leg. He was given an MRI scan which disproved what the surgeon had first thought.... so it has been left at that. His pain relief is cocodamol every 4 hours and or tramadol. His pain is like having a fist plunged into the kidney area and kept there, relief comes from trying to stretch out or getting someone to put pressure on the area, but this is very short term..



Mel, sorry I do not know what to suggest. If he continued with Pain control they would have trained him in the use of TENS and possibly recommended treatments. If is still suffering pain He should ask for a further referral as the whole problem seems to be getting worse. Sometimes a stone can be missed, something like that happened to me as the stones went missing and were lost on removal. Gallstones like mine can move through to different parts and block other areas. I do not know if this could be the case here the GP may ask for further tests.

With regard to the problems with the spine you will possibly have nerve damage because of rubbing against against them. Most probably again there are operations that can affect relief With regards to scar material that will need to be checked. Nuro pain needs further medications like Amytryptalene. Is he suffering numbness and pins and needles going from Spine down the leg??

All I really can suggest is if there is damage on the spine you will need to be referred for further treatment,this may have happened in Pain Control as they would have passed him down the line.

The kidneys and scar tissue or damage needs possibly scans to find out what is going on.

NSID medications can be taken long term, I have been taking them since 1976, although sometimes it takes a while to get an appropriate one to suit. The only problem MAY be is the kidneys, possibly that may need to be researched by a Specialist,and GP. they may need further scans to see what damage has been caused

Again I need to explain I am not a GP so I would always bow to their judgment.

All the best good luck



Hi, if you have a good GP, it is certainly worth you discussing your theory. I would ask for an up to date MRI and CT and referral to spinal surgeon or orthopaedic surgeon. A physio referral depending on the scan results may be useful too. A TENS machine is definitely worth trying if he hasn't already done so as it works on nerve pain, also anti inflammatory meds may also help if he is able to take them. The medications he is on are very similar. Has he tried neuropathic drugs such as gabapentin, pregabalin or amitryptiline? If you have a rubbish GP, then find a good one as they can make a massive difference in diagnosing and treating his condition. Good luck and keep us updated. x


I really think that had to do with the lithotripsy. I had that done in 2006 for small kidney stones and until this day my muscles that pushes my urine out are dysfunctional. When i was asleep during the procedure, They may have shock me extra times causing the muscle issues.


Hi borderriever

Thanks for your last message. My partner has one stone left in, which the specialist have said should not be causing him the pain he is getting, the pain is not the same. He could have it removed, but they would need to go through his spine or something to remove it, so they have said it would be better left as it isnt doing any harm as it is.

He has seen a urologist who referred him on to a rheumatology specialist who checked him suggested 2nd veterbrae was the problem he has inflammation on the nerve causing pins and needles down left leg. He was given an MRI scan which disproved what the surgeon had first thought.... so it has been left at that.


Hi Sharelle

My partner has had both CT and MRI scans just over two years ago, not sure if they would tell him anything new? He did use a TENs machine about 10 years ago, but he thinks the pain he has now is from a pressed nerve, the tightness and discomfort is in his back permanently as apposed to intermitently (apologies for spelling). Thank you so much for your suggestions though, they are much appreciated, hopefully something will come up during our discussions, it is a bit of a mind field.


hi Eddie1825

Many thanks for your message, my partner was awake during his procedure, but did not tell them when it started to hurt badly, even though he shouted in pain, he didnt tell them to stop, He didnt realise it wasnt supposed to hurt. So he believes some of his discomfort now has stemmed from that.


I see you posted this 3 years ago...I too have had severe pain requiring high doses of pain meds since I had bilateral's a wrap around squeezing unrelenting type pain that goes from my lower back over the iliac crest, with the major back muscle in constant spasm, and runs up my side and along the ascending colon area...I have been worked up by every type of specialist one can imagine...I have done PT, chiropractic, accupuncture, massage and nerve blocks with no relief....the pain is worse on some days than others...but never is lower than a 7 on a pain scale...I was wondering if there was ever a solution to your partners issue ..


Hello Chalis66, I have had 3 rounds of lithotripsy, this last round (bilateral) had complications in which the pain lasted around a month. I was on pain medication for that month till I weaned off them and noticed a strange sharp pain rt anterior abdomin. I spoke to my urologist, had a CT, and was determined I did not have another stone impacted in my mid ureter (that is what it felt like), he suggested I look at my spine. Fast forward a couple of months, my side pain has developed into extreme low back/spine pain, nothing but pain meds help at this point, I have seen a orthopedic specialist and a spine/pain specialist. Both are confused as to why my MRI shows bulging disks, arthritis as well as other pathology, but the pain I have down my hips around my crests and abdomen are not consistent with the l4-5, l5-s1 issues. I am doing a round of steroids as we speak and so far no relief. I am at my wits end, Dr's hate prescribing pain meds even though I am not sleeping, can barely move and there is no comfort at this time. So frustrated with this. I saw your post and it matched my symptoms really closely. I am wondering if you have found out anything yet? Take care


nothing I'm sorry to say...they have given me a tens machine which does nothing really....I do go to the chiropractor once a month but it only offers minimal short term this point the dr's feel it is nerve damage that has effected the messages sent to the muscles in my back...causing right sided weakness and instability adding to the pain issues....they said I will have to learn to live with it...does not seem fair...I had kidney stones trusted thier treatment and now my life is ruined.


I too have had constant worsening pain after lithotripsy; have been to many specialists...with no real relief....It's been 7 years....worse decision I ever made was having the lithotripsy...ruined my dr at one of the pain clinics I went to said that when they did the lithotripsy they damaged the soft tissue of my ascending colon and nerves of lower back creating constant pain....I do get some relief from chiropractic care however the relief is short term usually just a day or two...


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