Good news!

Hi everyone, I had some good news yesterday so I thought I would share and spread some positive vibes! Whilst I'm now at a worse stage, tumour is non invasive which means I can postpone hysterectomy (I'm 31, no kids) until after we've tried for a family. I'll have to be closely monitored but my wonderful oncologist is happy to monitor for a couple of years given the pathology. I'll have full surgery at some point, but so greatful for the opportunity I've been given now!!!

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  • Oh Jen this is wonderful news, I'm so pleased for you!

    Currently in my sexy DVT stockings waiting to go down to theatre absolutely pooping myself! See you on the other side!! Jemima xx

  • Good luck, thinking of you! It will be over before you know it. Let us know how you get on!x

  • I will - had a mini freak out already because I was told I need a spinal anaesthetic before my general :( wasn't told this before today (& I'm Mrs control freak!)

    Trying to find my happy place! :) sounds like you & your partner need to as well ;) xx

  • Hope the surgery goes well you are probably through it at this stage. I find the first day or two is a bit of a struggle but after that you get better every day. Once you re at home take it easy no heavy lifting

  • I hope things go / went well in surgery and it's another one in the eye for the squatters. Take care.

  • Let us know how you're feeling once you're ready x

  • Good luck

    LA xx

  • WooHoo Jen!!!

    Best of news!!!


  • Oh Jen, that's wonderful news! you must be so pleased :) xx

  • I have a long way to go yet but so thankful for the chance to try for a family. It might not happen, but atleast I would have tried!

  • Good news jen thanks for sharing good luck with everything

  • Great news Jen!! Fingers crossed for the future xx

  • Fantastic news, bet it made your day. Lovely to hear some good news. Xx

  • That's brilliant news

    LA xx

  • Very pleased for you. Hope you're soon happily expecting your first baby😊

    Love, Solange xx

  • Jen

    It's always a joy to hear good news . You spread lots of hope around and we all need that. May all your dreams become reality.


  • This is great news for you. Really hope it all goes as you want. Xx

  • That's lovely,it's given you the chance to try and I hope we hear you have succeeded soon!

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Great news Jen. I am so p!eased for you. Ann x

  • Wonderful news Jem, so happy for you.

    Ellsey xx

  • Wonderful news, Jen! I wish you many fruitful, healthy years. Judy V

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