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Good News


Hi lovely ladies, I have good news. Today was my five year check up and I am still clear. My CA125 went up again to the grand total of 9. There's no more to say. But of course, I will. Because I'm on a trial I have another check up in 6 months.

Saturday my daughter gave birth to her second son. He was a few days late but the delivery was really quick. He slid into the world weighing 8lb 14oz. There was a slight hiccough when his heart stopped and the crash team had to earn their money. His breathing isn't the best but we're hoping he's sailed through that now and on the mend. We're waiting for the results of a lumber puncture test. They're checking for sepsis. If all okay he'll be home for the weekend to meet his brother.

I'm hoping you are all fairing well but for those of you that are not doing so well, there is plenty of hope. I'm proof of that.

Wishing you all well. Zena xx

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Fantastic news Zena. That’s brilliant.

Great news about your new baby grandson coming into the world. Hope his little blip is just that and he will be home and ok.

Lots for you to celebrate. Really happy for you.

Lots of love and hugs xxxxx

ZenaJ in reply to Suzanne333

Thanks Suzanne, I've already had a couple of rums and a glass of wine. Hope you're doing okay. xx

Congratulations Zena! You’re really an inspiration to all of us 💕 it’s so good to hear good news and it warms my heart! Stay happy and healthy and enjoy your lovely new grandson, I’m sure he’ll be home and settled soon.

Enjoy your celebratory tipples you certainly deserve it!!

Liz Xx 💖

ZenaJ in reply to Lizz49

Thanks Liz, hope you are also doing well. xx

Congratulations Zena so pleased for you and gives us all hope x

Welcome to your new grandson and here’s hoping he gets home this weekend for lots of cuddles xx

ZenaJ in reply to BeeWild

Me too. He's changed in looks so much already. xx

That’s brilliant news! Well done !! Can I ask if you had much variation in CA125 over the years?

My levels have started to rise, were always around 5-6 and have risen to 18 so I’m worried. Getting a scan .

ZenaJ in reply to Dollie22

Thanks Dollie. To be honest I don't know the range of CA125 and I don't know what mine was to start with. For the past 4 years it's been 7. Six months ago it was 8 and now it's 9. I must say having read on here that some lovely ladies have gone up into the thousands, I'm not really that worried. If it goes up again in March, I'll ask if this is the beginning of the slippery slope for the start of recurrence.

I think if you are worried it's worth getting a check as it's the only way to settle your mind.

Hope all goes well. Zena xx

Dollie22 in reply to ZenaJ

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope you stay cancer free forever! I find the serial blood tests pure torture - having them 2-3 monthly at moment . Please God my scan will be clear . I wish you all the very best! You sound like a wonderful person , D

babyboy1 in reply to Dollie22

You'll be fine!xxxDawn!😀🌻😀

ZenaJ in reply to Dollie22

Thanks Dollie, I hope your scan will be clear as well. It's that horrible waiting that's torture. I don't know about you but I feel like a pin cushion. xxx

Great news Zena. 🍾🍾 Congratulations on your new grandson 🍾👶🏻🍼xx

Thanks Puddle. His name is Freddie. I'll go to see him again tomorrow if he doesn't come home. Considering I wasn't bothered if I had grandchildren or not I've made myself look a fool with the fuss I'm making of him and his younger brother. xx

So pleased for you Zena!! 🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂

ZenaJ in reply to Seasun36-uk

Thank you. xx

Congratulations on all counts!

Enjoy your good news and your babies 👶🏻🥂xx

ZenaJ in reply to JayGeeCee

Thanks so much. xx

Congrats on both fronts Nanny! Grandkids are such a joy and well done for good results


ZenaJ in reply to Caroles1

Thank you xx

Congrats on the birth of your little grandson, he was in a bit of a rush. I hope he improves every day and that it wont be long before he is home and able for granny cuddles because they are the best.

ZenaJ in reply to suzuki

Thank you. They certainly are. I'm confident he'll be okay. He's eating well and seems a lot better in himself. We're still waiting for the results. xx

Great news! Congratulations and enjoy x

ZenaJ in reply to sticky3006

Thank you. xx

Hello again Zenaj. I was just thinking about you being 5 yrs NED and how wonderful that is. I know we’re all different but have you done anything to try and stay NED? Exercise, diet, no booze, supplements Avastin etc etc. Or is it the case that you had surgery and chemo and have remained NED since?

Many thanks, sticky

ZenaJ in reply to sticky3006

I've done nothing special, sticky. I had the op and chemo and didn't drink through that but do drink alcohol again but don't go over the top and make sure I drink 4 pints of water a day. I try to eat healthily but still indulge in chocolate and cake. I walk a fair bit but don't go to the gym except to play badminton twice a month. I live each day as normally as possible. I don't have Avastin I only take senna and dulculate to help with the damage to my bowel. The only thing that's gone wrong is when I got a blocked bowel last November.

I feel like the luckiest person ever and so wish everyone else was lucky too. I just hope that knowing people can survive helps others to know there is hope. I was stage 3C. (I say was now).

Wish you all the best. Zena xx

Great news Zena! I had my last chemo yesterday, on last scan 3 cycles ago tumour had shrunk by 88%, have next scan on 22/10, see onc on 29/10, so hopefully all gone! We're also welcoming a granddaughter into the world in January! God is Good!xxxDawn!😀🌻😀

ZenaJ in reply to babyboy1

Thank you.

I bet you're glad the chemo is over. On the way up now. Bet you can't wait till January either, it's so exciting. xx

babyboy1 in reply to ZenaJ

Absolutely! From now on, its onwards and upwards!xxxDawn!😀🌻😀

Great news Zena - both yours and your new arrival! I do hope his problems are minor and easily resolved.

Best wishes to you and your family, Ali x

ZenaJ in reply to Alifit

Thank you. I've got everything crossed but when I popped to the hospital to see him this morning delivering nappies, he looks well and is eating well. We're still waiting on his results but it looks like the antibiotics are doing there work. xxx

Excellent news. Five years NED. Enjoy your celebrations. 🥂🍾 and your new grandson hope he gets home soon.

Thank you xx

Brilliant news- well done!

ZenaJ in reply to Neona

Thanks xx

Great news glad to read your five year check up is still clear hope it continues, it's good for everyone to read a positive post keep it up.

Congratulations on the new grandson, he will add so much to your life take care my friend Lorraine💙💙 xx

Thanks Lorraine, everything's going well. Hopefully he'll be home for the weekend.

Hope you are fairing well at the moment. Zena xx

Fantastic news Zena, I’m so delighted for you and another gorgeous grandson to add the icing on the cake. Hope he’s home soon for a proper family celebration. Love Jo 🥂🌺🥂🌺

ZenaJ in reply to ShropshireJo

Thanks Jo. We can't wait. xx

Brilliant news and congrats on the birth of your grandson. Hope hes doing ok now . Time for a double celebration! xx Kathy xx

ZenaJ in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy. There's been plenty of celebrating and they'll be lots more for everyone I hope. xxx

Fab news on both counts Zena, enjoy your continued health and your new bubba

Marian xx

ZenaJ in reply to MH500

Thank you Marian. xx

Well done & congratulations Zena! What an uplifting post! You give us hope. May I ask if you are high grade serous? Wishing you NED forever!❤️❤️

ZenaJ in reply to Luchie

I'm ashamed to say Luchie that I don't know what high grade serous is. I should have asked ages ago. I was Stage 3C. There was lots of bowel damage but I had a good surgeon and she removed the fatty tissue (not enough for my liking) and untangled my bowel from the tumour. I then had chemo weekly for 18 months. Regular checks after that. I've been so lucky. I recently found I carry the BRCA2 gene.

I hope you are doing okay and wish you all the best. Thanks for your good wishes. xxx

Thank you Zena!! Fabulous! I needed to hear this today. And massive congratulations on the new arrival, hope he gets home soon x

ZenaJ in reply to KBM22

There's always hope and I wish you all the very best. Thanks for your comments. xxx

Wonderful news thank you for sharing this and so hope for many more NED years to come! X

ZenaJ in reply to Hopefulgal1

Thanks so much. I wish you all the best too. xx

So pleased you're doing so well, Zena. Great news! Congrats on your new baby boy, too. 🍾 I'm glad for his Mum that his delivery was quick and he 'slid' into the world as he's a big baby. Fingers crossed he'll soon be home🤞

Love, Solange 😊

ZenaJ in reply to Solange

Thanks Solange. We hope he'll be home for the weekend. He appears to be doing well now the antibiotics have taken hold but we're still waiting for the results of the lumber puncture.

Hope all is okay with you. xxx

Solange in reply to ZenaJ

Hope all well with the lumbar puncture and your Daughter not too anxious. I'm waiting for my scan, having completed 6 Carbo/Taxol - then the wait for the results. 🤞Xxxx

ZenaJ in reply to Solange

The dreaded wait again. xxx

Yay! Good news, Zena x

ZenaJ in reply to Yoshbosh

Thanks. Hope you're ok. xx

What great news Zena and congratulations! Five years seems like a dream! And what joy to have a new grandson. I hope he gets to go home soon and that his big brother is happy with the addition of a brother! (I have two boys and when young, my older one was NOT happy getting a brother! Since grown, its gotten better :-)

ZenaJ in reply to Maxjor

Thanks Maxjor. They haven't met yet and Max won't be 2 until the week before Christmas. I expect he'll think it's like having a new puppy, one that doesn't lick you and run about. As long we he doesn't want to send him back. I'm hoping they'll be great friends but we all hope that and it doesn't always work that way as you found out.

Hope all is well with you. xxx

This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much Zena for sharing. And the biggest hug in the world to your little bundle of preciousness. Pictures please asap.

Well done for beating this fecking cancer. Long may you continue and here's hoping lots of us join you soon.

Big love

Kryssy xxxxxx

ZenaJ in reply to Kryssy

Thanks Kryssy, that's what I wish for everyone. If only I had the power.

When I get some pictures and learn how to put them on I'll have a go. I'm away this weekend at a wedding so I'm glad they'll be coming out of hospital today. (She's texted me whilst I'm in the middle of typing this).

Hope you're not feeling too bad after the new drama. It can only happen to you. I'm glad you're okay.

Hugs, Zena xx

Congratulations on the grand baby and the clear scan! Love the good news!!! Xoxo

ZenaJ in reply to delia2

Thank you. I hope you are doing well xxx

Absolutely the best news. Here’s to the next five 🥂

Much love

LA xx

ZenaJ in reply to Lily-Anne

Thanks Lily-Anne, and the next 10, 15, 20 for all of us.

Hugs, Zena xx

Congratulations Zena on both bits of good news you must be doubly thrilled. I’m sure it’s a little blip for your grandson and he’lol soon be home.

My youngest son was born early at 8lb 9oz and couldn’t breathe at all at birth, he spent 3 days in SCBU while they sorted and settled him and is now a 6ft3in still large but fit and healthy lovely 33 year old man. I was told at the time that it’s not uncommon for bigger babies to sometimes have breathing difficulties. I was a whopper at birth (we breed em big😂) and had breathing issues which have never bothered me since. I truly hope this is the case for your lovely new grandson. We need photographs pretty please. Stay well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

ZenaJ in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks Jane, I think they're coming home today. I don't know the results of the test but I would think he's okay or they wouldn't let him out. I had both of mine early, one a month early the second two months early. They both weighed 6lb. I said if they'd gone full term I'd have given birth to elephants. My son is also 6ft 3in with size 14 shoes. The problems never end. He has to buy shoes on the internet.

Hope all is well with you. Zena xx

Congratulations on the latest cute addition and jubilations on your quinquennial complete are the reason for hope amongst your lovely sisters. May you continue to do better and better be rid of this forever.


ZenaJ in reply to Naimish

Thank you so much. I'm hoping the same for everyone. xx

Such wonderful news and I’m so happy for you!

Best wishes Clare xx

ZenaJ in reply to CJR99

Thank you so much Clare. xx

Congratulations on your good. Hope all your good Will last and your grand baby will fully recover. In His ❤️ Velma M

Thank you Velma, he's home now and doing well, luckily. Long may it continue.

Thanks for your good wishes,

I hope you are doing well, best wishes, Zena x


Brilliant - long may it continue!

ZenaJ in reply to Hidden

Thank you. xx

Wow, amazing Zena! The thing we all dreamed of! If even one women beats this ghastly disease it feels like a win for us all. Hopefully in the future with new treatments coming finally, there will be more and more in your position.

Congrats on your lovely new grandson too, and hope he is soon home you get endless granny cuddles.

Lots of love

Madeline xxx

ZenaJ in reply to Hertsmum

Thank you Madeline. Freddie came home yesterday evening and all is well, thank goodness. Had some cuddles this morning.

I'm sure there are many of us that survive the dreaded OC but they leave this site. I'm intending to remain to let all the lovely ladies know that there are survivors and there is hope for everyone.

Wishing you all the best and hoping you are doing okay. Zena xx

Fantastic news! So happy for you and your family! 💕

xx Gina

ZenaJ in reply to gmc920

Thank you. Hope you are well. xx

Yaaaay great news for a lovely lady what trial are u on ? Xx

ZenaJ in reply to Zena41

Thanks very much.

I think it's a genetic trial. I've been on a few and get muddled up. You never get the results anyway. I'll do any trial if it might help someone.

Hope yo are okay. xx

Double celebration, what fantastic news 🎉🍾❤️ Xx

ZenaJ in reply to Emalou71

Thank you. xx


Congratulations on all counts! What an excuse for the best family celebration of all time!!

ZenaJ in reply to Mrsmerlot

Thank you very much. I hope you are well. xx

Congrats on your grandson

God bless

ZenaJ in reply to Jasel23

Thank you xx

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