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Good News :)

Hi everyone :) hope you guys r doing ok :) well i just want to say i am grateful for all the advice/support i get from here and think this is a great site for people who need to speak/read/get advice all about ovarian cancer/borderline tumors. I have had a rough time over the past 4 years but i can now say hopefully it has come to an end for now, I do feel lucky in a way as i haven't had to have chemo/radio therapy on any other treatments except for surgery, but i understand the pain and what people go through to an extent as seeing my mum deal with breast cancer at such a young age. I still think its unfair having the choice of being able to have children taken away from me at such a young age and probably still grieving 4 years on, and probably for many years to come, but i feel like i cope with it a lot better now :). GOT MY RESULTS back couple days ago and my gynecologist has said that what they took out ( of the disease that had regrown) which was really quite small has gone and its still borderline and it hasn't changed into a low grade cancer which is greats news as i wont need any further treatment just regular MRI checks every 6 so can get on with my life again now hopefully no more recurrences for a while at least !! xxx

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Hi Jasmine

Thanks for the update.....and that's really awesome news that you don't need further treatment. You have had a rough ride , so give yourself lots of time to recover.

Love and hugs xxxxx


You certainly have been through it Jasmine. I'm glad that things have settled down now and that you're being monitored. Xx


So glad you got good news Jasmine, take care while recovering.

Hugsx Jenny.


Good news xox


Good news. Take in easy and always make sure you always find time for your hobbies and interests.



So pleased to hear your good news good luck 😊


Hope you stay well and totally agree with you about the support from this site. Make sure you prioritise your health. I absolutely refuse to do stressful things, other than those that just crop up from nowhere like my broken arm while walking to stay healthy ! or from other people. I'm on the US forum as well but finding out what happens in the UK is important to meetings with my oncologists especially when they offer treatment chioices or don't offer the care I want. I'm not great at arguing for myself but I feel part of a team with everyone here and know that if I discuss stuff with the docs and nurses it can help other people.

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That's wonderful news Jasmine - take care of yourself.


Annette xxx


Hi Jasmine Rose, lovely to hear from you as I wondered how you had got on. So pleased to hear your disease is borderline again and that you have recovered well from your op. It's terrible that having this disease means that giving birth to your own child has been taken away from you? A friend of mine had OC and debulking when she was only 19. At the time of her surgery, and chemo, being a mum seemed nothing more than a dream to her but she eventually went on to adopt two beautiful babies. Hope this helps, take care of yourself, love Kerry x


That's great news, Jasmine! Don't rush your recovery - be sure to take time to do things you enjoy!



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