Some good news!

After debulking surgery in July 2014 and 6 rounds of chemotherapy, for stage 3 OC, I have finally been given the all clear. Okay, so I've got no hair left, and a colostomy bag but it could be a lot worse. I have just had to make friends with it. I used to be a curly redhead (out of a bottle) so it will be interesting watching my hair grow back. But I am now going to continue on my path and enjoy every single day. Thank you to everyone on this forum for getting me through the bad times x

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  • Good for you! :)

  • so glad for you-I'm on my 3rd round of chemo( weekly.) and frankly I'm scared that it's not going to work,but it's not much of a choice when faced with the realities. Getting the pain relief right is meaning many trips to hospital -So much time bound up with hospital visits and very little respite.Sorry to sound low but I need lifting as often I don't sleep at all.

  • Hi, sorry you're having problems with pain and sleeping. I was like that going through my chemo, I suffered from terrible pains in my legs. Really strong pain relief didn't agree with my stomach too. Speak to your oncologist or GP about not sleeping. They may give you something to break the cycle. A good nights sleep can make things seem so much better. Keep strong, you will get there. Ann xo

  • Great to hear this news.

    Enjoy your freedom.

    Who knows how our hair will grow back? I got curls both times (which I'd wanted all my life) and lost all my grey once. Hoping yours is an adventure too!

    All the very best for the next phase and do stay in touch. xxx

  • Excellent news and I am inspired by your positive outlook. All the very best going forward.

  • What a fantastic stage to have reached - well done you for getting through this big treatment, with your own self intact - that's the main thing, isn't it! I hope that every single little soft hair that fuzzes back on your head is a delight in store.



  • That is such good news Lockygill!

  • Good for you, I feel the same as you, every day is precious and to be enjoyed as much as possible. Hope you get the hair you want! xxx

  • What a lovely post, I'm so happy for you. Your positive attitude is an inspiration. xxx

  • Well done. Great news! I had dark straight hair prior to losing it, it came back grey and curly lol. Perhaps your naturally curly hair will come back straight lol.

  • Straight hair would be weird. Still, this is the new me. I'll keep you posted x

  • Excellent news - Now it's time for the good things. It's going to be spring soon and you'll be sporting new hair, brows and lashes. Hair is an adventure, oh dear, it just comes back wild and unapologetic! Too funny. XO

  • Thank you. Wild and unapologetic sounds just like me. I'll keep you posted. Surprised at how quickly it is growing. I hope my lashes grow quickly too x

  • What brilliant news Lockygill. You have such a great outlook I know you're going to make the most of every day and you'll celebrate your new wild and unapologetic look. Summer is here soon and you'll have a lovely new crop of hair, brows and eyelashes. xxxx love Annie

  • Fantastic news. Well done.

  • Lovely to hear your good news Lockygill... Have a lovely summer... Enjoy!!

    Luanna xx

  • Hi i have just been reading your post and im glad to read your news . This is my first time posting on this site . I got a stoma as well after my surgery in 2010 . Its good you are keeping positive about having it and calling it your friend . Sadly I have met lady's that can't handly having a stoma but I have to say you have to look at it as that is what has saved your life . I was lucky I had enough at the tall to get the reversal . But Idont know if that was a good idea as its left me with more problems . Sadly the cancer is back today I had my 4th round of 6 . So I'm on my count down to the end . Positivity I think is the right way to go my blood count is going down the ca125 was 1480 before I started chemo it's now 46 so chemo is working had a ct on Saturday so fingers crossed that will come back good . keep being positive I do think it helps ..

  • So pleased to read of your good news!! Love your attitude.

    Best wishes for a happy future ,


  • Whoop whoop well done 😊 xx

  • Thank God! Xx

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