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well seems i passed me blood tests but hell somthings not right

hi all well these where the tests new doc sent me for and i had to go back for glucose test it wasnt back but she assured me she did not think that it would be not normal if it was she would call me.

she has advised me to wait till i see the knee specalist now

had to cut out the swimming for a bit cos it feels like i pulled a musle or somthing in me right shoulder.

and have been doing a bit of treembling latley inn my arms and i still got that slight hissing in my ear.

still doing my 1 1/2 mile walk wife came other day so i did a bit more

im not getting a swelled up knee as such but the ankle and knee hurt like its giving inward when walking and dosnt feel right in the ligaments and bone are till ive walked up and down the back for 20 min or so.

haven thought what im going to say to the knee specialist yet.

one good thing feet havent been as cold as they used to be or have i spoke to soon on this

ive mad some progress from where i came from last april but not as much as i would have liked to and i keep wondering is this thing ms hands still got those lumps at side but they are not as active as they used to be

so im at a loss as what to say with the knee man can a bad knee do all this i dont think so its like having week mussle and ligaments and aches now

i can pull the knees back to any position but load it up and it horrible thinking when yo walk to put it down correctly square on the floor

anyone shed any light on the tests i passed

bone density blood test







uculmic urine tests analysis



regards john

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Hi John, you don't say what your blood results were. You should have been given a booklet which will show you the range of results. ESR and CRP are indications of how active the RA is at the time of the test. Well done with the exercise but perhaps cut it back a bit for the time being and see if that makes any difference to your legs? If you have a bad knee, it can affect the whole leg as it throws out the way you walk which puts added pressure on your ankle and foot. When you see the specialist, explain exactly how it affects you when walking and the strain put on the rest of your leg. It may also be causing problems with your hip as well as it is all connected.

Hope you get some answers soon. LavendarLady x


hi lavender no diodnt give me any booklet on results she justb said they where ok on these will look up and give ya my last ones for above after dinner

and yes ive laid of on the swimming for a bit just use the bubble bath at the jim now and i know like you say i am loading up the other leg more im told its 5mm shorter and possibly has always been on that leg

its when the feet go gold that does me it did this in 2005 then just whent after 18 months but this time its their abouts after not mopving around as much as i would like cos im a pretty active guy befor this started in april.

get back to yopu on last blood tests

regards john



Total white cell count 11.7 10*9 (4.0 – 11.0) HIGH

Netrophil count 8.55 10*9/L (1.7 –7.5) HIGH

Monocyte count 0.9 10.*9/l (0.2 – 0.8 ) HIGH

Protein electrophoresis

Serum total protein 73 g/l (64 –83)

Serum albumin 50 g/l (35 – 52)

Serum globulin 23 g/l (20 – 37

Report will be filed as 44N.. serum protein electrophoresis (potentially abnormal)

Erythrocyte sedement rate 13 mm/h (0 – 7) HIGH

Reumatoid factor < 20.0 iu/Ml (0.0 – 20.0)


Serum cretin Kinas level 88 U/L (39 – 308 )

Serum c reactive protein level NOT DETECTED

CANCA P-ANCA will be filed as 43b8 .00 ANCA PATTERN




Serum vitamin B12 315nl /L (191 – 663)

Serum FOLATE 14 UG/l ) (3.1 – 17.5)


Hi John, I think you need to go back to your GP/consultant over these tests. Your serum results look normal range to me but your white blood cell counts etc are high which indicates an active phase either in the RA or some other infection. My ESR is measured differently to yours so can't comment on that and it doesn't look as if your CRP is up so it may be too low to measure.

Are you on MTX or anything like that? If on MTX you should have a blood test booklet and be tested at monthly intervals unless your results are consistently within normal range. (I have now gone onto 3 month testing as mine are ok at present).

Suggest you get it all checked out again and if necessary, ask for a referral to a Rheumatology consultant. Good luck. LavendarLady x

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yes lavender

white cell count is high last time i got this it came down after to 3.6 which is where he said i should be 11.7 is high i think but in 2005 i was runing 13 then 11 then 10 then back to 3.6 which he was happy with and i was much better but left with a bit of an ache knee but got it back to nearly 90 % just could not run on it but walk for miles without pain. this is like the 3 times had it something comes in smashes everything to bits then sort of buggers off and says fix that lol

they say everything is ok before i moved doctors on those results

now new docs says ok on the ones above done but dont know the figure


Hello John. I can't help you on your blood results although nothing looks startling to me. I do seem to recall that you were told by the private rheumy you saw that you may have Spondyloarthritis. I know this is more Earthwitch's area of expertise but it does seem more likely to me that your symptoms may correspond with Ankylosing Spondylitis - which is also more common in men than women and is often quite hard to diagnose but is a form of inflammtory arthritis. It certainly sounds more like this than MS to me - and I did some research when I had pins and needles everywhere and was worried that MS might be the cause. Also the Spondyloarthritis family are usually sero negative for rheum factor. Mine is only a low positive at 24, unless it's changed - as that was taken in 2011 but even then I think this is counted as sero negative RA.

Perhaps you might find an AS site where you could ask about these symptoms - especially the cold feet which could perhaps be Raynauds? I'm sure there are some AS sites I stumbled across some while back prior to my own RA diagnosis. Might be worth you checking this out? Tilda x


thanks tilda

it does seem a bit weird to me but just been for a walk to feed the ducks and that left ankle on the bad knee is a bugger for giving mor pain than in the knee but ya got to walk tilda havent you possibly pay tonight

in myself im feeling better than i was when it first struck but it hasnt half done some damage to my all week left leg and not as much to the right one.

im a bit troubled that if i let these people go in may not pull it back as good as it was especialy with the ankle playing up if the worst one was as good as the other i would be a lot happier bunny

but i have a driver in that i want to get back on me bikes so much that it drives me along to see if i put the effort in will it get that i can hold one up better i know im 62 on jan 11th but i cant give up the addiction.

dont think the ankle would have gone so much had i not listened to the crackpot of a rumi who told me to walk on it.

but the phisio i saw said sending you back to see knee specialist cos i know you have put the effort inand ive seen people go doiwn when they ar not getting a good response from putting the effort in so will have to see what happens on 23 jan

your also right earthwich is a verry knowligable person on this web site about sponduropathis enthesis which the private rummy said it was and i think i should have been on sulpasine long time before now if it was not this rubbing gel and tablet that i wont take unless absolutly nessasary cos eases pain and then pain is back stronger.

regards john


Hiya John,Thanks for your message on my last blog, Your results seem like a mine field to me, and to be honest as you know i am new to all of this and am not that experienced, All i know i have to look out for with my RA is CRP, which is like ESR, ALT my liver function, white blood counts and also red at the moment, I am sure a lot more of these wonderful friends on here can help you more, When you see the knee Specialist, He will properly do a MRI scan as they can't always tell what the problem is just by looking, If they don't, demand one John,

You take care, And by the way you are so right,..... what you can do today, don't put it of as you might not be able to it tomorrow,.......I have had really lazy joints today, must of done to much yesterday..., must of been all the excitement with my results. I fill as if i was out dancing all last nite, I wish lol shirley xxx


hi shirl

well had mri in may and they said just some medial wear but hey you dont get ankle aching for nothing and knee

although its the ankle which seem to hurt more as ive sort of found me centre of gravity walking on it but its not the corect place for it to function proper.

regards john take it easy dont get to complacent on feeling like ya can push it yet

although ive some room to talk the biggest pusher on here i think in terms of dqamaging myself under my own steam LOL


oh shirl forgot to say i will be in touch if he decidede to rip into knee as i need to know quite a bit so i will be asking questions on what pull back time is to load bearing etc etc

you have been warned LOL


Hi John, I have noticed myself that my right knee that i had the key hole surgery on, is worse than my left one with RA, still can't walk on it properly, they did do another MRI scan on me just after i was diagnosed to check that it was not due to anything else, But it is still not that great, So if this continues i will be requesting to see a knee specialist again. As everything else is a lot better but my right knee is still swollen.......take care xxx


I think it probably is time that your GP referred you to a proper NHS spondyloarthritis specialist - not every rheumatologist understands spondy well, and because its so hard to diagnose you do need someone who understands it. NASS (national ankylosing spondylitis association) might be able to help find names of specialists or specialist clinics in your area.

Sulfasalazine generally doesn't give wonderful results for spondy, though it may help a little with peripheral joints (hands, feet, knees, etc). NSAIDs are far better, but need to be taken regularly for spondy to have an effect. If they are going to work you will notice it within 24-48 hours, and the pain will return within a day or two of stopping them. I think the big mistake a lot of folk make is that they think of drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen and diclofenac (NSAIDs) as being pain killers and try not to have to take them too often, when actually they really should be seen as very effective anti-inflammatories for spondyloarthritis and enthesitis and need to be taken regularly for those conditions.

Thats probably not the same advice for RA though.

Of course thats all useless if you have got to the point that I have where I can't take any NSAIDs without them wrecking my gut.



so you saying i should try some brufen out see how i go on this stuff they dont like giving you this cos of the stomach when i tryed it in april it seemed to make me worse although i had takern it before when had a bit of back ache over the periods of time when i had done somthing i shouldnt have and all worked well ache gone and cooking on gas again.

regards john

keep thinking their is a bit of fibro thrown in with this though as i get a bit of mussle ache


Well NSAIDs should be taken with stomach protectors always John - so don't be too put off by Earthwitch's last sentence please - she's right about NSAIDs being more effective if taken regularly do you do this? Tilda x


tilda the only thing i take is paracetomol that all i got dont take bruffen doc gave me cocodamol but im thinking of trying bruffen again cos this is not good to be going since april with this realy gets in the ankle on bad knee hurts more thasn the flipping knee now so im trying to take care befor i see the knee man if he is not willing to do out all is lost

but ive been looking at fibro site and i do have a lot of these symptoms but not in the correct places i wonder if going round trying to walk has brought this on as well could be if your not walking corectly on one leg.

dont get me wrong the work ive done on the quad gets me upstairs and down but its not right by a long way to where i was before


Hi John

As others have said, looks like you need to go through these results with your GP to see what they mean for you, as everyone's different and different labs use different scales.

For general information about what each test is used for etc you might find this website useful:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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