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time for a blog i realy flaired up last night

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well everone i have now had me blood tests through me legs that where fine

and whent yesterday for me heart test and that was fine

been doing me 2 mile walk and pushing as usuall but last night god the top of my bum bone was aching like no one buisness i could have climbed the wall sat at the computer i didnt want to give up but had to have a lye down

then the hands started and feet and bleeding knees god i just threw pain killers down me and only got 3 hrs sleep

me calf mussle felt like i had a vibrating phone stuck to it i could count the seconds before the vibrations started again

i know tilda has talked about this but i have never experienced it just like a mobile phone on vibration trying to comunicate somewhere in me foot.

i should never have gone for that walk but you have to push when you are on a roll dont you

my doctor want to see me regards the letter from wrightington next monday and i see the knee specialist again on wed next so its dont hold your breath

i want to ask him could this knee have caused all this but i dont think so their is some underlying condition somewhere

and ive also had sort of out of focus watery vission a bit.

inflamation i hate it.

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Hi minka sorry to hear you've having a bad flare. Reading your comment about the vibration??? I had the vibration a few weeks ago and lasted a few weeks. It was happening in the middle part of my body but couldn't pin point where...stomach? Bottom of my spine? I wasn't in pain but I felt very uncomfortable just like how you describe it...i was concerned about it so I rang my ra nurse explained to her and she said to make an appointment with my doctor. Anyway my doctor has referred me to neurologist another consultant added to my list. They don't know what causes it ra? Sjorgens syndrome ? not sure if it could be related...or something new...anyone else suffered this bizarre sensation ?..hope you get things sorted take care bug hugs prairie x

I meant to say big hugs prairie xxx

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sylvi in reply to Prairie

No you got it right the first time.......

yep realy wiered mobile comunication like some nerves trying to contact you bottom of your foot probably due to alignment of things in your body trying to reconect you

well thats what phones do try to reconect lol

john .. i would try google this feeling like a vibrating phone somewhere in your body,, youll find its common , and alot of people have written about it ... i know this because ,, dont laugh ,, but a mate , said he had a feeling like this on his backside .. it was like a phone on vibrate going off every now and then ,, he was worried about it , but didnt dare mention it to the doctor . so he googled it ,, vibrating backside ... yes he got many strange web sites ,, but he did find loads talking about the same thing .. the main answer to his problem was to much coffee .. so hes cut down on the coffee ,, has he said he does drink about 12 / 15 cups a day .. how you get some pain relief mate ...

thanks andy was climbing the wall last night could not get any relief from bone at bottom off my bum it ached like hell like main support of the si joint must be because i try to walk square but im not realy still must be compensating and the quads aching today like hell

must be this damp weather also

have you got some good pain relief john ? pain killers ... i spent years believing the weather played a part in my back pain ,, but in the end worked out ,, it wasnt anything to do with it ,, long as i live ,,ill never work out what brings on a flare and doesnt .. got a mind of its own i think ...

yep me to think i realy over did it at caravan and walking but then im a pusher when i get chance thats how i got rid of it before but its not working this time

just wish i had not let them go in this knee it was better as it was before and where all that cartlidge whent i dont know not to show up on an mri last may i knew it was bloody sore and locking up then other things happened to me

if you had told me from a pulled ligament at front of knee i would get to this i would not have belived it they never felt better when i retired i was cooking on gas then started urinating for england and sweating ignored that and all hell let loose on me been 12 months now andy i have come on a bit but its been at a price mind could not walk to the front gate last year at this time MUST BE GETTING USED TO THE PAIN NOW

KEEP TAKING PARACETOMOL BUT THEY DONT WORK TO GOOD AND BRUFEN TAKES ME INTO ORBIT DONT KNOW WHY JUST DOES ALONG WITH THEM STATINS THEY PUT ME BACK ON sdo ive packed in with them things they can shove em where the sun dosnt shine have ya seen what vistatins can cause

Oh john what are we going to do with you!!!

I agree Sylvi. xx

turn me inside out and bang me against a wall or put me down like a cat or dog

minka some statins not so bad.. how about atorvASTATIN IS SIMVASTATIN thats causes people problems the atorvastatin better than cheap nasty simvatatin. if not eat loads of porridge and soya!! not fatty read meat , cheese and cream sorry!!

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