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well i got me first phisio appointment today ?WAS IT A RESULT

i told here how it was she asked are you seeing the rumi guy again

i said that guy has been all over the place from degenerative disc to patela tendonitus to l4/s1 out to l4/5 just impinging see just smiled at me see asked have ya had your bloods done yes in june

right lets have a look at your knee you are doing all the right stuff at the pool no breast strock though i said yes i dont do that now.

she twisted my leg and said hmm looks like ya got some debry in their could have told her that cos ya leg dosnt like beeing twisted to the left when do you see the senior reg i said i didnt see him last time only his under study.

right i want you to incorporate these if it flares rest it and use hot as well now lets see what happens so im going to do the stuff she gave me and see how i go she agreed i do have some sort of flamitory artheritus slight result.

also been to podiatry again for some minor adjustment said you should not have tride to walk if it was uncomfortoble so m down to a 4mm lift on one leg now.

so i think ive got a bit of a result cos phisio agrees ther is some sort of debries in one knee to the inside left.

could have told them that back in may when it was locking.

so might have to have a clean out.

but my guess is like feather lot of cartlidege dammage now on medial side so im running on 1 bearing bad.


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Sounds good John - always a relief getting confirmation of what you know to be true already isn't it and the exercises and advice will probably help a lot too. Tilda


ya can say that again tilaT i thought i was becoming a hypocondriac

and the info on here plus reserch put me in good stead for asking and telling them the correct questions but she is only the phisio so dont hold ya breath on me getting refered back cos she was a bit put back that no one was taking this inflamation seriously especialy the amytriptine statins and paracetomol only medication

dont think see could belive i was managing of this concoction only


Good to confirm what you felt was wrong, Can feel you are going mad and no-one is listening. Keep up the exercises but dont forget to Pace are you seeing physio again.



i got 3 weeks chris watch this space im cooking on gas a bit today


well told no breast stroke cos its not an natural way of swimming well i stopped that when everything started.

see seamed like someone should be doing something about this like no further bloods etc since june to see if its gone up etc

and was a bit concerned id only seen the understudy registra regards the knee.

she also told me the other problem why im getting pain gos the knee is not quite locking out propper probably due to some debry in the knee joint

and also agread with me if ya not walking correctly other aches come into play because you are not aligned you compensate where ever you can

used some heat last night on it and i could feel the knee better on the worst leg just kept cracking so i must have got some blood flow into it

whent for a walk this morning with me new podiatry modified inserts got round ok put a spring in me step cos it stops me ankle from going in cost me nothing at salford for the mods was in over an hr try that go for a walk try that go for a walk blood supply to feet checked again

so in all their ive had a good check out for 50 quid with authos and mods but only got to use for 3 hrs a day.

will say got up this morning ached a bit feet not going as cold maybe a bit of remmission (do i feel lucky make my day inflamation)

got to do me ball and half quad exersises and if it flares stop and dont do anything TROUBLE IS I DONT NO WHEN TO STOP COS IM A BIT OF A PUSSHER IE YOU INFLAMATION HURT ME I WILL HURT YOU BACK a bit stupid im thinking now.

so im thinking the rumi i saw privatley plus phisio are definatly saying their is some sort of inflamatory authritus going on.

just hope i dont get sent back to that nhs rumi man cos i have ZERO CONFIDENCE IN THEAT GUY HE IS STEALING MONEY never examined me once when i said about hands swelling at small joints which i have verry little activity today in the left one just a bit in the right one.

i pray for a 5 year remission just 5 im not greedy LOL


BEEN DOING A BIT OF RESERCH ON THESE AND I DO THINK THESE THINGS AFTER A CERTAIN TIME PLAY HAVOCK WITH YA MUSSELS AND BONES in fact i would take a bet on it someone will find out in the next 10 years or so and ban them


sounds like a result to me John, cant wait till i get hydro!! Sounds like it will help. Axx



if you are doing hydro take it eaasy if ya never done it before or you could thing waw my body is so light in the water but you will be working more mussle in your body than you think you are using because the water makes you boyant.

regards john

ps ive always done me own hydro ever since 2005 when it flared up this time well im sort of on a wish and a prayer

got me rumi costs for private one who diagnosed me well i nearly fainted 90 quid for puting a jab in me bum then i paid him 170 then paid 72 for the stuf that was in it if id have know that i would have shoved it in me bum myself LOL


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