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Well its been a week since the injection

and i dont know if this has made a difference swelling comes up at night on the knuckles still can be pretty carm during day left knee still hurt this morning and ankle untill i had a walk up and down back garden but i can still feel it and a bit of watter in the joint now and aches in me legs a bit.

still got ringinging in my left ear

arms and shoulders seem a bit better

wrists not bad

and grip a bit better

but sitting down on me bum at computer feels like bone on me skin.

lost a bit of weight to 2 lbs but this could be with maybe i have a bit of stress

still sweating at night but not as much.

i sound like a hypocondriac.

but im still walking made it down to the shop yesterday I HATE ANGLED PAVMENTS.

so in all im still on the fence with this injection cos things seem to go worse at night but i think me body is getting used a bit to what is happening.

i think i left it a bit to long since april to get that injection

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Hi there,

I was wondering how you were. I found steroid injections worked amazingly well for me, I think ........ difficult to know actually as I was taking steroid tablets too. I think it was a week or two before I really felt the benefit.

Are you taking anything else to minimise the damage to joints or tendons? I think of steroids as being about temporary relief more than anything although I know they do bring down inflammation, which helps.

Also, have you found out anything more about your condition?



well not found out much about it its all a bit of a loss looking on web sites some say it can get better others ask how far its gone.

if my left ankle wouldnt feel like it was going to go i would feel a lot happier

it feels like the joint isnt moving correctly and i do feel like im compensating to the other foot slightly may be not as much as before in june but im still doing it

just been reading some of the other doctors notes and looking what they mean.

the nurologist could not find what the knee specialist thought

he thought the pain was a mechanical problem.

romber test mildy positive just tried it now and no its not bad at all stand close your eyes see if you sway about.

then ive got chronic regional pain syndrom from other rumi saw.

now if as a nuclear engineer i was like this on comming to solve a problem

we would have had an accidend and you would not be able to go to the lake district anymore because the place is contaminated.

oh and all investigations have been negative ie one cretine test (whats that all about)

just having a good moan feather again.


I can help with one little thing: my 'serum creatinine' levels get checked every 2 weeks and it is a test of how well the kidneys are functioning.


No problem about the moaning. The thing is that you have to approach all these forms of arthritis a bit differently it seems. If you have RA or any form of autoimmune arthritis then it's systemic so it can make you feel pretty rubbish and tired and flu-like. In other words t's not just mechanical. But if it's Osteo or the Spondylarthritis then these probably are easier to approach from a mechanical perspective. I don't know enough about the condition you have been diagnosed with to be able to answer any of your questions but if you look on a general arthritis site then you will probably find many others who do know exactly what you are talking about in terms of watery joints and ear pains etc?

Of course I don't mean you shouldn't tell us how things are but maybe you should widen your search a bit to get more answers as I do sometimes. That's what I did re pins and needles and I found out loads. Tilda x


thanks tilda have done that and it seems to me like this is a better site for info.


Oh well obviously this site is the best! But I wondered if other sites such as Arthritis Care living with arthritis forum might be more helpful for general info about your symptoms as well as this one - it doesn't have t be either or. Tilda x


Minka - google "ankylosing spondylitis forum" - there should be at least two come up. The best ones are KickAS, and the other is the spondylitis association of america. They are both US based, but have a lot of UK folk on them too. Its an incredibly good source of support and information for the kinds of problems that you are having - whether you have a formal diagnosis or not. I joined both those forums and find them really great.


many thanks i will have alook at that.

whent swimming again yesterday this morning hands arnt as swelled and feel better But i dont trust this little thing.

did quite a few exersises yesterday thouught i would be as sore as hell today but not as bad

dont tell me that injection has kicked in at last. or is it a good day

found some realy good exersise sites on youtube for arthritus.

that program on food last night her RA factor came down from 28 to 18 SHE IS UNDER ME NOW MINES 20 IN THE ZONE 0-20.

IT WAS A REALY INTERESTING SHOW WHO POSTED US ON THAT i was happy for the little lad when they found out milk was one of the problems

and to think it looked like every other doctor had given up reaqly on him WHY had no one checked for this?

regards john


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