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many thanks guys for the info on feet will look into it think this is some sort of a flare up now

was woke up at 4.30 am this mornhing it took till last night to get them warmed up a bit

tryed some sudagrem ointment on them.from freind next door who works at a home

woke up aching like hell did 1 1/2 mile again yesterday not done it for a bit and its sort of realy took its tole on me last night.

im aching like out im a bit like sylvi on pushing

here is a copy of the letter for my knee opp from the

saw john in clinic today hese been having phisio but he is still struggling with his knee

The physio has expressed some conserns he complans that the left knee feels like its giving way on him

i have explained that his mri scan has been normal the danger of doing an artroscop in a situation like is that we may not find anything and if we do not find anything doing an arthroscope will not sort out his knee

he however still compains of problems and says its geting worse i theirfor think it reasonable to examin his knee under anaesthetic to assess the ligament stability and performe an arthroscope i will make the nessasarry arrangments for the 21st of feb

just feels like even though i got the worst knee stronger im still walking over to the other one and buggering my feet up.

but this thing could be renold now combined with what ever is feeling like its poisoning my body.

and im still a bit dubient on if the dont find out in their i could make matters worse and then im back on me own again trying to pull it back

but im going to make an appointment with doctors today as you sugested many thanks for the comments guy im glad i found this site

this is john news at 8.30

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I think an exploratory op is a good idea,, did you ever come of your bike? and fall on your knees?. If you have one bad knee and one good knee you can make good knee bad relying on it more?. speak to a physio re this and how about trying a stick or crutches.. I have seen people tie pink ribbns to nhs grey crutches lol .. may be blue ones. If you are embarrased as I used to be walking poles look quite trendy, I Have a pair (gods in snow actually) and a floral folding walking stick xx


yep summer the op i think is making me feel a bit dispondant at having to throw weight back to well the better one after the opp and the pull back again im going have to do

i take me stick with me but bloody minded when i have to use it i think me knees and feet should be doing the work and i push it but if we go out today im using me stick love ive learned a bit since yesterday now take as much load of as you can

funy enough though now when i shake the better leg i can here a bit of rattling so your probably right their


John i had arthoscopy beforen i had my knee replacement. I jad a month off work,but sadly i still ended up with knee replcement. If you do have to have a replacement make sure they take a long leg x-ray. The reeason i say is if my hospital had done that i wouldn't have had to go through the last op at another hospital last


hi sylvi thanks for that love

have i asked you how long was it before you could walk on that leg proper after 1st op

its the cold feet that has me worried i dont want them buggers chopped off going docs 4pm see if i can get some proper stuff im sure its the amount off effort i put into walking best i can on the left knee or its the bleeding weather.

just been out to widnes shopping with wife and bought a bit of dinner SAME as you its hurting so give it some jip back LOL

payback tonight eh from it but im not stopping in because of it


hey busy today mate but will get back to you tomorrow! u keep going !!! xxx


see ya later


John, I had a similar experience with my knee giving away, there is no kneecap due to an old injury. I had xray etc no findings of any further damage. To cut a long story short - physio said I was walking incorrectly and as a result had allowed the muscles above my knee to weaken and I was given exercises to strengthen those muscles.

Well I still do those when I can and I think it did help.

That sounds really simplistic but it could be something to do with the muscles rather than joints


yep mad been doing all the quad exersises i know never have i had such a hard time with somthing since april to pull back get up no pain walk round a bit and feet hurt and knee and ankle on that leg start to ache like water under it im sure this is some sort of inflamatory arthritus

so i think its advisable to get them to have a look in it the knock on effect has been realy somthing with this thing its like coping with a millon pains when you walk incorectly had it twice before but this time murder to sdort out.


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