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iu dont know whats going on with my body can anyone help i think its rumatoid

3 months ago whent to the swimming pool cos i always had a bit of a clunk from under my knee caps.

since then my knees swelled up like bursitus then they have a tendancy to be wet then dry

and my left knee is the worst mri shows nothing

next thing i know me back starts to feel funny like water in me disc joints in me back

then neck starts cracking and arms feel like water in me joints

then within 3 days little sore spots on the nuckles of me hands when i press them

im iether wet or dry joints and was doing a lot of sweating at night which has subsided a bit now but i cant walk verry far for the knees either wet or dry with the other problems also

it feels like all me joints have been invaded withing 3 months.

keep going to the swimming pool to get some exersise but i cant do it on land.

can this disease come on this fast.

ive not got ms cos i whent and saw a nurologist to check that out.

but an mri that shows ok exept for slight lowering of medial joint cartlidge on left leg

i sould also point out that me ankle is giving me jip by feeling like its going to snap cos its bending in a bit.

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Hi there, Sorry to hear you're having such problems. I can't really offer any ideas as if nothing shows up on an MRI then it can't be obvious to your doctors. RA can come on quickly, and it's hard to diagnose, but there's usually some signs on the scans or blood tests or when your joints are examined. You probably need to go back to your GP again, and ask for further investigations. Hope it's something simple, and not RA, so it can be cured. Polly


I can't help either but it's your GP you need help from by referring you to a consultant rheumatologist. If it's at all useful to know - RA can come on suddenly (overnight) but more often comes on over a few months and gradually gets worse. It also usually shows up first in the smaller joints such as knuckles and wrists and feet - for me it was wrists and knees. Could it be Osteoarthritis possibly? I would ask your GP to run some blood tests and check you out for rheumatoid factor and inflammation and then refer you to a consultant as first port of call. Good luck. Tilda


Hi there,

my inflammatory arthritis started in my knees. For ages the doctors thought the huge swelling was the result of an injury, then that it was Osteoarthritis and I eventually had to really push to be sent to a Rheumatologist.

I agree with the others that you need blood tests and then a Rheumatologist's opinion. Hopefully you haven't got inflammatory arthritis but you do need to check it out soon just in case.



My R.A came on over 3 months. 1st my hands then feet then knees followed by elbows then the shoulders thats when I thought there's something wrong here,My doctor was great and within 1mnth I was at rhumy dept,diagnosed and triple therapy started.I was 60 never had pain in my life worked 2 jobs I thought I must be dying!but no it was R.A.


Hi Minka

As the others have mentioned it would be worth going back to your GP to discuss these symptoms. One of the first steps in making a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is usually blood tests, but unfortunately there is no definitive blood test for RA. If a GP suspects RA they should refer on to a rheumatolgist at the hospital who will talk to you about the symptoms you're experiencing, examine your joints and may run further blood tests. You may find it helpful to have a look at some of the information on our website. I have included links below to information on diagnosis of RA, the blood tests used and the typical symptoms of RA.




I hope you manage to get to the bottom of things soon, please feel free to call the NRAS helpline on 0800 298 7650 if you'd like to discuss any of this further.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


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