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another appointment tomorrow for legs

well i have done the heart 24 hr monitor and no one has phoned me back telling me im falling to bits yet and tomorrow i go for the 1st of pressure tests on me legs because of my feet so lets see what that brings up

no one yet is addressing the situation im in

knee worse since they did operation to look inside and once i have passed all these tests i may i say may get to see the guy on the nhs who told me what i had private

its funny how this inflamatory thing migrates to other simptoms

but ive seen tildat mention this on here before and she sure is right about mutating to other things.

i dream of a good rumi man

its been 12 months exactly since this thing kicked of with sweating like mad and knees going but im still on me feet walking around some how

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Hope you find some kind of answer with tomorrow's tests John.

Have you managed to quit smoking yet? I really feel that our bodies are one hyper sensitive unit and everything connects so we have to look after them holistically. My autoimmune system has always been a bit defective looking back but I know that if all health professionals see my trying my hardest to keep myself in good nick then they take me more seriously as its hard to dismiss someone who is making a great effort to keep themselves trim and fit.

I know you really try with your swimming etc but as soon as they realise you smoke they will naturally blame a lot of things on this - understandably I think. If you don't have an existing autoimmune condition such as thyroid, diabetes 1 or Raynauds then its less likely that you will be acquiring more as I seem to be doing. Good luck. TTx


thanks tilda

just wish i had not let them go in that knee as additional problems started as we know these are other knock on effects of someone messing with your body.

not reasly been swimming for a bit now as didnt want to get any more infection in knee or feet but just use the bubble bath unit in fact im off their now im managiung my walking and sit a bit just to keep every thing going

but im realy sure now what attacked me in the first instance was my immune system as the private rumi said and i should have headed his comments to me

but you right if you smoke they will put everything down to that its the easy way out

see if they find anything tomorrow lets hope not cos they said i had good pulses in my legs.

hope you are doing a bit better cos you where having quiter a few problems showing up again if i remember correctly

just not got to give in to it wifes told me when its sore sit for a bit pace yourself walking round then walk again stop bull in china shop taktics LOL


Yes I can see what your wife means! And I can see that its okay smoking when your body is in good shape but now its struggling you aren't helping it - and I am on doctors side a bit if they don't take you as seriously as you would like if you are still smoking? After sitting in GP surgery with a load of really huge and unhealthy looking people who kept going out for fags and talking about the chippy and their drinking I felt a bit of the frustration doctors must feel when these people keep coming in for treatment - and saw how they must have looked at me when I first walked in with painful knees and wrists two years ago when I was over four stone heavier than I am now. We have to take responsibility for all aspects of our health you know and at least when I go into see the doctor now I can look them in the eye and say "I've done everything I can to try and sort myself out - now its over to you!"

Sorry about the lecture but I feel a bit cynical just now having to keep shoving drugs in me to keep mobile - and I'm one of the lucky ones here for whom the drugs actually seem to work I know! Tilda x


yep know what ya mean tilda im 10st 7 was 11 st dont drink exersised 3 days a week

and it still got me and walking round bury market the other day i had some thoughts in my mind about some people


Hi Minka i hope whole heartily that you get some answers to your question in the near future from these test that your having. Bodies seem to be able to do the strangest things to us when we least expect it!!!!!

Think your wife has it right rest when things get painful. like you if i start something it has to be finest. take care and good luck my thought are with you xx


Hiya John i really hope you get some answers tomorrow, will be thinking of you, And John you have to listen to your wife she is making sense, Let us let me know how you get on, Take care XXX


will do shirl seem like im banging on a locked door putting all this effort in with the exersises and things especialy this morning trying to walk square after yesterdays exersises

but you got to do it havent you how are you doing these days?

walk and sit is starting to get into my vocabulary these days lol


well here is the outcome he wasnt going to do that leg test avarage untill i had all the other test done he said i can do it if you want i said keep me mind at rest so he did the bloody test with one of them arm things round me ankle and guess what


so i whent on to tell him about inflamatory hands and he said could be some sort of inflamatory artheritus but lets see what the other heart test and the other leg scan showes up

i said but i see the knee man in 2 weeks time is he going to do anything with these test going on he said possibly not

so at least we got something going till i get to see a rumi man

meanwhile he asked me to go back to doctors for statins not happy about them things but might try a lower one.

and to top it off i left me appointment card in the place he asked me to hand in at desk dure to him doing the other test i hope they pick it up or i will have a word at the wigan appointment.

hows that for ya knew it and im going to have a word with docs re rumi appointment


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