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god what the hell is going on with this body now or has it started to sort itself out

i dont know got me knee op on thursday next

and i have so much energy comming back into my body knee is starting to respond again ankle still a bit sore on ligaments of left leg but i feel walking much better still got those little bumps on me first to digits on me fingers but i did me 1 1/2 mile walk this morning well quite easy realy

woke up early no knee pain or ankle pain much (well i suppose that depends on your threshold of pain)

but everything is pulling me about this is getting realy weird now and im getting conserned about having me knee ripped into when im not that bad at walking or is this just a moment of good no flair i dont bloody know.

and im realy realy wondering if that private rumi i saw in sept last year had it right with sponduropathy enthesis and i would pull this back in 2 years he said if ya keep flairing you will have to go on sulpazine have i worked the mirical for a 3rd time and am now in pullback mode

ive had to stop taking me home remidies to get ready for opp of magnesium ion and glucosomine etc etc

this is john happy bunny but fed up of this thing happening to me now

even me feet have kept warm for 2 days and i feel like i have that much energy i could burst into a run but im not trusting that one.

he did tell me the mountain get bigger the older you get and its like a mountain you climb it then you start to come down the other side to better

anyone got eny ideas on this would be much appritated or is this a state of no flairing which you go on about on here

had tens machine on leg plus acupunture private for 27 quid a throw 3 times has this sorted it or are those little japs to clever by half

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John there has to be something wrong otherwise why would they open your knee up. It is probally has been a bit of a flare,but let them have a look at it to make sure. xx


hi sylvi yes it looks that way im fine with the energy levels feels a bit dried up in the ankle now probably done to much today with feeling good geting more ache in the ankle than the knee sylvi wakje up tomorow and bet their is more ache in the ankle than the knee

feels like its dry now

but sylvi they cant see anyting on the mri scan on the knee so its investigation just still worried about pulling this thing back again if they find nothing

just think itf its the ankle causing the problem sylvi lol

but ya right as usuall but little thing in me head saying its wrong its wrong ho shouldnt be doing this


John have you ever considered that it could all be wear and tear arthritis /OA or Fibro plus Raynauds re your cold feet. And you say first digits in fingers but if you mean the ones nearest to your nails then that is classic OA - I know because I have it too.

Either way if you don't have the op then you will never know and will always wonder so stop worrying or cancel it if you really are dreading it that much. It sounds to me as if a lot of your problems are connected to anxiety from where I'm sitting? You are anxious that there's something undiagnosed going on and you are now equally anxious that nothing will be found wrong - you need to relax somehow but not sure the best way for you to take your mind off things? Tildax


hi tilda i think you are spot on as bleeding usuall had loads of energy over 2 days but your right i am getting so ANXIOUS that nothing will be found cos nothing showing on mri and i have to pull this back again to get about a bit yes the fingers first little fingers and the 2nd one back from nails not stiff at all got good grip but swolen little redish lumps that are not sore they are like on the sides press them blood goes out then rushes back

and the left leg the knee cooperates but when i put it down on the floor correctly i get pain in me ankle like im going over on it well i can see that now just looking down its like the knee is better and the ankle is worst now and i think to myself is it the ankle causing this or the bleeding knee

didnt sleep verry well last night only got about 4 hrs woke up swetting again. so this i think like you say is anxious.

but like you say dont have it done you will never know.

all this started through one bloody swim in april last year and a sore ligament thst swelled up and im so good before pulling things back that at 62 im not so good me thinks now

how i can take me mind of this i dont know

a lot of the problems is i wont give into the limitations i know i have, just cant accept it

if i had fallen of the bike or something like that could have accepted it but not like this way.

i think another thing that worried me at the pre op they said if their is something they can do with it while im in their they will do it but if its a bigger job then i will have to come back in again now this is one of the things i dont like also.

need a few chill pills

ive talked to other colleges on here who have had inspections on their knees and they have been ok and its been verry good to find out how they coped with hints and tips.

feet have not been to bad for 2 days now got better wolley socks.

but ya right nothing worse than stress as i have seen on here it leads to flairs dosnt it

my docs sent me for bloods again next monday but nowt will show up i bet.

the surgon who is doing the job is the best one they have so that should make me happy if he cant see it nobody can in their

and he did say sometimes i get this and go in their and find somthing wrong

and when i think ive always drove automatic cars since 1991 because me knee sort of moves forward when i press down on the clutch ive probably done well with it

maybe that all the swimming just agraveted it and pushed it over the top LOL

oH i did look on the renolds site you sent me and yes another thing about cold feet is when you get stressed or its cold the small blood vessels in the leg can contract and this makes you feet go cold so having read what you said on here that could be one of the problems accociated with the feed also. ive got rid of the chil blanes now near enough.

how are you doing now are you still having big problems and still remain as calm as a milk pond or does the angsiety get to you a bit tilda.

in some ways we have verry similar symptoms

many thanks for the post tilda you and silvi and shirl are realy good at keeping me somwhat sain through all of this and it is verry much apprietiated i dont think my wife quite understands the whole cabodle of symptoms that come and go

regards john sory for the long blog i do go on a bit


Hi John, I think the girls are absolutely right it sounds like your over anxious which is giving you a surge of energy. I know it well, I hate the dentist, I can't tell how often I've gone to cancel an appointment because the pain had mysteriously disappeared but I don't because I know it's my head playing tricks on me!! Really don't believe that they would operate unless they thought it was necessary. Good luck x



i get some energy and think this is getting better dont need it then get up next morning and well its still their

its me head playing tricks and tilda hit it on the head with if ya dont go you will never know

i suppose ive been compensating to the other jiggering that up for so long its become the norm for my body

hes going in cos ive complained for so long now and put so much effort into my quad exersises i dont know whats what any more with me body trying to walk streight if you saw me walk i dont think you would know.

it could be refered pain from somewhere in me back but it dosnt feel like me back hurts as much anymore or the bleeding things got used to the way i walk

phisio sent me back cos she said i dont usually get people put so much effort into what i give them and im sending you back to specialist i dont like that leg and ive seen people go down before now puting the effort in like you so she must have her doubts about something being not right


John there is a big difference between you and most of us on here in that we have mostly been diagnosed with RA and are on immune suppressing drugs that are sometimes as scary or make us feel as unwell as the disease. The main difference is that OA is mechanical and RA isn't only mechanical so it can often affect you systemically and you can feel flu like and rubbish and have flare ups - also the inflammation in your system can affect your organs unless its controlled so the two diseases are very different. Nothing you have described sounds like RA to me but its possible that you have one of the spondy arthritis's which are similar. If this operation helps to determine whether yours is mechanical wear and tear - which everyone has to a degree as they get older - or inflammatory autoimmune arthritis - or some of both - it will help you to know I think. Glad the Raynauds thing helped - that was Summer's suggestion really but it seems to make sense of many of your symptoms to me. Tilda


yes tilda

ive come to the belife that its not ra but some sort of inflamatory ra ive got

well the private rumi said it was spondyorothapy enthesis and told me where me pains where but nobody realy listened to his sugestions cos the nhs rumi said i was fine

and he did say older you get higher the mountain the private rumi

but it does appear to be some sort of damaging inflamation

l5 like you have degenaration can cause lots of problems with regards to walking etc my mates young lad had a new disc put in which sorted him out and i was told like you slightly buging disc at l4/l5 but its not gross the knee specialist told me. then when i was sent to the nhs rumi he said in one letter slight oa then it was degenarative disc disease then patela tendonitus he was all over the place.

the knee specialist says in his letter he is going to have a look at the ligaments in the knee to assess the movment and any damage to the knee. if their is no damage then this wont sort his knee out but he did say to me before doing the paper work is "that knee still moving forward when you sit and press on it in a forward motion" i said yes and it feels like its moving more.

ive seen people walking about with ankle problems and a freind at the gym has problems with his ankle from his knee.

but you right again i have not been diagnosed with ra so that is some good news so far tilda

and he also said the phisio has raised some conserns.

this is probably due to the amount of quad exersises i do with a rolled up towel and then the vmo mussle exersise i do and it still moves forward.




l5 has a favorit trick it sometimes does which made me think and ive read it on the web sites ive visited (takes out the ankle) food for thought on my problem.

and dosnt give you back ache as much cos the disc is just about impinging on the nerve route


Aaaargh typed a long reply and it disappeared into cyber web world! Anyway short version get the op done, u need it mate!!thinking of you xxxx let us know how it goes, too much mad biking as a teenager I think lol xxxxx


yes i think so am having problems on it and the worry is the ankle is hurting more than the knee ive strapped me ankle now dosnt rain but it pours love

rely hurts in ankle today feels like ive gone over a bit on it it wasnt like that yesterday was not so bad to walk on

feels like me ligaments are all torn apart


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