Snakes, on a crutch

Snakes, on a crutch


Said i would get around to telling you my funny moment in Corfu. Well unpacking is done and started packing for V fest now, so have a minute!

We went on a lovely day trip to Paleocastritsa in the north of Corfu, and Achilles palace and Corfu town and had a really good time. I managed to walk to the palace and the monastery and the tour guide was wonderful as she took me in different ways to stop long walks up the hill.

In Paleocastitisa we went into a very small aquarium which turned out to be a little delight with fish from Corfu "saved from the grill" as the owner said! There was also a reptile room and the owner and his assistants were so keen for everyone to see the animals and hold them if they want. So armed with a huge tub of hand gel I wanted to hold the snakes as I really love them! So he got out the biggest boa constrictor he had and it was massive but so gorgeous. He put it round my neck and then I realised I have neck problems and just about fell on the floor. But a little thing like that wouldnt stop me so I picked up and balanced with the crutches and it was so hot inside the aquarium I looked like a boiled beetroot.

Then the snake decided it liked me and started to explore, so I couldnt do much about it as it was massive and heaby and I'm balanced on the crutches. It then started to make its way down the stick and coil around my crutches, but then me and the owner couldnt get it to release them and we had to fight with it to give up its new love.

I have put on a picture of me , boiling hot, with the snake in love with my sticks and me very steroided up and fat (roll on the diet the doc has me doing in September!!)

But it gave us all a huge laugh and hope it cheers you all up!

Love Axx

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  • On the topic of 50 shades, i got an ipad from my lovely hubby for retiring! I looked through the book section and that was no1. I looked at the free sample and it seemed like a lovely boy meets girl romance so I bought it. Then i started to read and oh gosh!! So i just left it , honest!

    But then my son visited and looked at my new ipad and went " Mum! wot u doing reading porn!" Despite my pleas he just thought I was an old porn lady!!!! oh well , theres life in the old dog yet!! Axx

  • Great to see you having such a snake time on holiday - glad you got your crutches back of the boa although hoping you will be able to send them back to the snake as a gift if the Humira keeps doing it's job! Tilda x

  • Lovely story and picture :-) I think you're very brave and obviously missed your true vocation as a snake charmer. Thanks for sharing

    Paula x

  • I was there in 1984 on honeymoon to be exact. It doesn't seem to have changed much.

    We visited a reptile sanc tuary whilst these. Wonder if it was the same one??

    Paelo was abeautiful place and the beaches were out of this world.

    Lovely picture of the snake charmer and her sexy snake

    Enjoy the music

    Carole :-)

  • Ye I loved the place , we were there in the 80's and not a lot had changed...thankfully Axx

  • Well Allanah,i am glad you had a lovely time. Someone has to love snakes,but it ain't me. Your one brave lady thats for sure. Sooner you than me though,i hate the things,i would run a mile from them...

    Lovely photo of you with said snake. What was it called by the way...

    Love sylvi. xx

  • Love it! The idea of a boa lusting after your sticks had me in stitches.. Pollyx

  • Hi Allanah, Wow! you are very brave I would run a mile, how lovely to have such a fantastic time holidaying and getting around and the giggles does us the world of good.

    great read.

    Love Carol

  • love it allanah you look great

  • Cheers everyone, will put up one from V festival....probably a bit muddy!!!?Ax

  • Wow Allanah, you are so brave, I would run a mile if a snake came near me. xx

  • No, I like snakes, but if they had opened the tarantula box, yikes!! Axx

  • Nice scarf Allanah. Did you knit it yourself?

    Judy x

  • lol :) Axx

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