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my eldests sons birthday ,and my goodness im tired !

it was my eldests sons birthday today he was nine !

woken up at the crack of dawn ,not by my son as you and i might think but by the kitten jumping on my head :) lol

said kitten must have known it was jays birthday cause he then proceded to jump on his head aswell :-D

so cards and pressies open and then a waiting game to go up the shops ,A they still were not open and B we had to wait for my teenage daughter to wake up to look after the little ones so we could go and spend his birthday money ,which was now burning a hole in his pocket .

so crutches at the ready we venture to toyRus ,and then to GAME ,so lots of money lighter my son bless him treated me to a double chco chip huge muffin ! yum yum ! :)

on my childrens birthdays they all get to choose their birthday meal ,jat chose ,





i know lol strange but thats what he wanted ,

before i cooked this i made 2 cakes ,one devils food cake and one victoria sponge

i mixed them all by hand !

i now cant hardle move my hands or arms at that matter OUCHY OUCHY i think its time i invested in an electric whisk ,

no doubt tomorrow i wont beable to hardly move my hands ,

but never mind it was worth it to see his face when he blew the candles out on his devils food cake !

well no for a lovely hot bath ,im absolutly pooped !

hope everyone had a good day :) hugs lynz x

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Ah bless wish my kids were still that age,and how brave of you making all those cakes so hope you don't,t suffer for doing something so lovely,and hope you enjoyed your huge muffin makes the day so worthwhile gentle hugs xxx


thank you ,and yes they were yummy even if i did feel a bit of a piggy eating on the bench it was so big i had to little bits off just so i didnt make a complete mess of myself lol

gentle hugs to you to x


Sounds like you managed to have fun. Despite the,pain a brilliant mum.

Well done you



thanks carole thats lovely :) x


Lynz, well done to you. Our children are so precious aren't they even if they are 28/25 yrs old. We always go out for a meal on whoevers birthday it is. My turn shortly. It was lovely of your son to think of you on his birthday like he did, even if it was only a muffin,you are doing something right in bringing him up,to think of others like that. Well done to son for that. You really do need to get a mixer of some sort, a hand blender will di the job at a push. I have had a electric blender for ages and i caan say how good they are.

Happy birthday to the birthday boy and well done you in bringing up such a thoughtful son.

LOve sylvi.xx


thank you sylvi ,thats lovely of you to say so ,i do try my best even if the pain does get in the way somtimes

hugs lynz x


What a lovely blog Lynz :-) it sounds like you and your son had a really nice day. I love his choice of menu...exactly what a nine yr old would choose lol. Well done on doing such a great job.

Paula x


thanks paula ,yes it is isnt it lol

the best one was when my other son was 4 and he chose popcorn and spagheti hoops !

the others were not impressed but the rule is everyone has to eat what the birthday boy/girl has chosen lol xx


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