Been busy, lots going on two action packed weekends including a musical treat!!

Been busy, lots going on two action packed weekends including a musical treat!!

Hi was 49 on July 26th and went away for the evening to celebrate my amd my chaps birthday which is august 12th, he is self employed, plumbing, heating and home maintenance and is night mare to get anywhere, this was booked for ages!.

The aim was to leave about two!! ( Im home by just gone 1pm.. as still v part time).. we sent off about four ( he came about 3.40). luckily had chosen some were nearish. the village of. Alcester, had a lovely old room with beams in the Kings court hotel( rumoured to be the bridal suite??!! we.. had a whistle stop in evesham for iced coffee on the way.

Room was huge with huge ensuite bathroom.. ate next door in another old place a 15TH century pub the Moat sat in the beer garden prefect on a hot summers eve.

After breakfast went on to visit two aunties in Shropshire, having a fish and chip meal in a parlour pub with 2nd auntie, who put us up,, but on the most uncomfortable sofa bed in the whole world!!!.. we were going to stay in another pub!, nice thought though.!

This weekend went on Saturday to beer and music festival and saw live bands ( took my mum she paid and drove), I took a picnic and I managed 330pm til midnight just!!, we had the last picnic table to sit at.

The main band was the real SHOWADDAWADY!! They were good me my chap and mum had a dance, my feet hurt in my trainers afterwards!!

Came home my baby cat suki was collapsing, back legs and shaking, so vet trip straight away... ?? query some contact with poison?? had a bad night watching her.. think she is ok this morning? x

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  • Belated Happy birthday, Summer. Sounds like you've been busy. Showaddawady - that's a real blast from the past!

    Hope your cat's OK.


  • Belated Happy Birthday, gosh what a week, your cat looks beautiful, hope he/she is ok.

    Wendy xx

  • Really glad you had such a great trip! Just what you needed!

    I saw Showaddywaddy the first time OH and I went away together to the Isle of Man and they were great and great fun! And the beer and music festival sounds right up my street!

    Hope the little one is recovering, my little rabbit died of old age and a stroke, a couple of days before we went away, but the vets are good so hopefully they will get your cat sorted out. Xxxxxx

  • Glad to hear you had a fab time (apart from sofa bed!) My cat Oscar had something that sounds very similar ages ago - total collapse - but recovered very quickly. I hope yours does too. Keep on partying! Luce x

  • Back from work and my sleepless night last night suki ( the cat) is ok I think left her sleeping. this morning she has had some food and is outsside in the garden now so fingers crossed x

  • Happy belated birthday, glad you had some fab celebrations but so sorry to hear about you gorgeous cat Suki......she is beautiful. Good news that she is making a full recovery.....they are such a worry our pets aren't they....we get so attached that if anything happens to them we go to pieces....I know as we are nursing one of my cats at the moment.


  • Happy belated birthday. Very pleased to here puss cat being ok xxxx

  • Belated happy birthday summer and so pleased your cat is making a recovery. I think at this rate Health Unlocked with need to set up a cat community, there must be something in the air at the moment, meouw!!

  • Many happy returns belatedly Alison. Tilda x

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