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update on docs appointment today and many thanks for comments


well took me paperwork in and told him how it was

showed them my feet and told them how all this started.

he said before we start looking at a rumi man

i would like to go through this systamaticaly

1st we get those legs checked out for the blood flowing through them correctly

this will be done by mesuring your pressure in you arm first then is co related to the pressure we get from your legs.

if this goes worse streight down to a and e

then we will move on from their to the letter you have shown me so i ges thats better than nothing seeing the other doctor in the practice was a waste of time i felt this should have been done sooner like when i whent in their so its put up till we get that done and pace myself.

then if nothing shows in that we move on to the next thing.

if it goes worse its streight down to a and e

i think the nurse at leigh wound them up a bit ringing them to do something and where is the support for this person

while tomorrow i got podiatry and she can have a look at my feet and hope i can get them to send a letter to the doctors on it.

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So your still no further forward than you were before ? xx


Not sure this sounds ideal John. Did you manage to make him listen to the part about how quick the OA in your knee had occurred or was he only prepared to let you talk about cold feet? I hate the way they keep pushing you from one person to another without addressing the overall issue. I hope you do at least get some answers re circulation. Tilda x

Hi Minka

I think you must tell them you are going to make a complaint you really need to see a consultant. They really don't like anyone complaining you can't go on and on like this.

Lots of luck

Lorraine xx

No i don't like the sound of this neither John, There still doesn't seem to be any answers XXXX


They should be re referring you to a rheumy ASAP as well as doing this circulation test. Xx

John you did good by seeing doc. Sounds like you got short change again. If that nurse at A &E can do more go see her again and may be a serious complaint xx

well i feel we wher short changed a bit in all this and yoiur right

but he did want to have a plan of attach on blood flow throught the legs

if it does get worse im streight down to a and e like he told me to when i asked him.

the top and bottom of all this is i should have stayed with what i had and had further mri investigation into the problems

but i have podiatry this morning so i will have a word with her regards some of the issues and the walk in centre the other day.

because they must have to make a report.

yesterday the feet where feeling watery then they warmed up like ligaments drying up.

at 12 months out im trying to keep me pecker up and do as much exersise as i can do with the things and i can do it of a fashon

been taking some vit b12 see if that help regards that could be somthing like i havent got enough inside of me this can give cold feet and the like

hands not flaring as much but their is time

will up date you on podiatry cos they will know somthing looking at my feet.

just think if this little thing is comming from somwhere in my back now wouldnt that be a suprise and we have learned somthing else on here.

i would give anything to get back to the pool and just have a walk up and down it but im not going in their with these feet just in case i pick somthing else up i dont bloody need that

i dont know what i would do without you guys keeping me going as you do best site in the world

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