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Need info on salazopyrin tablets

Hi all.

Just wanted to know more about the drug salazopyrin and if anyone had side effects with this drug. So far I havent had any side effects but my biggest worry is losing my beautiful hair, I'm only started taking them as the steroid injections aren't working, I read all the pros and cons of the side effects and it really scared me. But I need to take them for my rhymatoid

Arthritis which started in sept 2018 my knee swelled up like a grapefruit was unable to walk properly . So had SCANS X-RAYS AMD MRI DONE AND IT TOOK THEM 4 months to tell me what my problem was. Had to give up my job as I was and still unable to walk properly on crutches and a wheel chair So can anyone help me for more info please

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If you put salazopyrine into the search box you will find previous posts from people.

There is sensible information on the NRAS site too.

Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it so couldn't take it.


Thanks. Oh poor you. I feel

For you.


Hello, sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. The drug does take a few weeks to start to work. If it is not fully containing the flare-up you may need another Dmard adding to the Salazopyrin. I agree with all Oldtimer has said where to look for more information.

I know drugs work differently for each person and I see you've had no side effects so far. So I'll just say that I have taken Salazopyrin for 30 years, four a day, I couldn't tolerate six a day, and had no known side effects in that time. It was my first drug, and in the past I have taken it with Methotrexate 25mg and Hydroxycloroquine and Prednisolone all at the same time. Your blood tests will keep a check on it also.

I do hope your flare very soon calms down and you start to feel better, thinking of you. x


Thank you

Sunnyweek. So do I. I hate it when I can’t play with my grandson properly. He just keeps telling me nanny your leg hurts I can see it in your face. Bless him. I’m a fighter and will look it up. Thank again for your message



I have taken Salazopyrin for four years with no side effects. I had no hair loss with this,unlike methotrexate. The only side effect was orange urine. Unfortunately it has stopped working and I will be starting biologics soon.



I only just started them. Yes I did read up

On that urine going orange. I have an apt to see the rheumatoid nurse in a few weeks. I think I have seen the hospital at least five times this month it’s getting on my nerves. But I can’t be help. That’s good no side affects I’m guessing I haven’t taken them long enough to see if any side effects will happen but time will

Tell I guess. Hope not.

Thank you for

Your reply


Hi, I take this- 2 tablets (coated) twice a day. I was asked to increase it to 3, twice a day and felt🤢so went back to 2, twice a day. I haven't had any other side effects apart from dark yellow wee😊. The only thing I would suggest is that you check interactions with anything else you're taking as I had to leave a certain amount of time between that and omeprazole.


I’m taking one at the moment for seven days then two on the second week for a week then one in the morning then two in the evening for third week then I was told to take two morning and two evening for the fourth week. I’m guessing I’ll probably feel funny with the second week dose mine are 500 gr and have to take 1000 grs at the fourth week and the third week 1500 grs wow that’s a lot. Feel

For you. Hun

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Hiya Sevillana1, welcome. I'm sorry you've received the diagnosis, it can take a while for some, far longer for many, though I was fortunate & had a GP who knew what was going on straight away which has helped in the long run I'm sure.

I tried sulfasalazine (generic name of Salazopyrin) a few years ago as double therapy with methotrexate. Unfortunately I had to eventually stop it as I had nausea which wasn't helped by antiemetics & it really affected my mood, it didn't do an awful lot either though it didn't affect my hair at all. It's not a common symptom so I wouldn't have thought it's something to concern yourself about, the most important thing is to bring your disease under control quickly. I am surprised it's been chosen given you're so incapacitated you're in need of crutches. Was it the only DMARD discussed?

If you select Search from the top bar under NRAS & enter either sulfasalazine or sulphasalazine (alternate spelling of the generic version) or Salazopyrin or Azulfidine (both brand names of SSZ- common abbreviation) you'll find past posts on the DMARD, that may give you the information you're looking for.

Listed side effects are just that, a list, you're not guaranteed to have any or if you & they're intolerable there are other options for you & your Rheumy to consider. I've had hair thinning on methotrexate but it settled the longer I was on it or as I settled into the new dose so if you do experience any it's worth continuing on SSZ a little while to see if it settles rather than giving up straight away. In common with all DMARDs it can take a while to work so don't expect massive improvements straight away. Subtle changes may be noticed beforehand but you should know if it's working by around 12 weeks or so.

I hope it helps you. We are all different & our responses to meds does vary but it is a good med & one of the main four DMARDs used nowadays.


Hi I took salazopyrin which is sulfasalzine with an enteric coating so more gentle on the stomach. I couldn’t get on with standard sulfasalzine but was absolutely fine on salazopyrin. No side effects no hair loss. The only down side was it stopped being effective after about 3 years but did make a difference to my mobility. I hope it works for you and you don’t experience the side effects that are worrying you. We are all different when it comes to side effects and you won’t necessarily experience any.


I have been taking them for years no ill effects but now also take daily dose of folic acid as found out salazopyrin can effect the absorption of folic acid so I just take my folic acid about 2/ 3 hours later as instructed by my practice nurse.


That's interesting...I haven't been told to do that- I take my folic acid at the same time🤔


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