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I survived.........just !!

I survived.........just !!

Hello all,

Well what a great summer I have had and I feel thoroughly spoiled. As you know we went to Corfu and met a snake who fell in love with my crutches.

Then went to V festival and managed to rave..ye really...fine site a 52yr old steroidal woman "dancing" whilst hoping she doesnt fall down. The disabled help there wasn't too good in my opinion.

But just got back from Leeds festival where i saw the legends that are Foo Fighters, Vaccines, The Cure and Kasabian and this festival is backed up by an amazing charity called Attitude is Everything. They are a charity that help people with any disabilites eg mobility, hearing, wheelchairs, crutches to gain access to live music. You can imagine how hard it can be heaving tents and camping gear into a busy festival in muddy ground. So they let me park in the disabled parking right beside the disabled camping field with toilets and showers and free info tent with hot chocolate etc!! They also helped us carry our gear and put up the tent!! wow they were amazing and they have platforms where you can sit and look over the crowd. They also ask for peoples experiences re theatre , cinema access etc so I would recommend them as a good support for live music events. I am gonna try to fund raise for them and the girls are gonna volunteer to help next year so it was a very positive experience.

So put up a photo of us having fun!! This was right at the end of the festival when it closed after Kasabian so it had been pouring down ha ha

Oh and packing again and off to Glasgow for my Uncles 60th birthday......I know pace myself!!,,,well I will this winter ha ha, so signing off sore, aching, skint and very happy lol and hope you all have a good day out there.


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Allanah, what a lovely time you've been having. I wish i could be like you. I would love to have seen kasabian. It sounds like you were looked after. there has to be some compensations to being in pain and it seems you have found the best of them.

Which one is you,the blonde with all the leg!!



Who says you can't have fun when you reach your 50's, with a chronic disease! You have certainly proved everyone wrong this summer. Throughout the winter you will have loads of memories to look back on and be able to say 'Been there, done that'.

Enjoy your next trip, don't agree with Sylvie, I would say your the green jacket one!


Funne guys!!! The blonde is my daughter and the other girl is her best friend! I'm the old fat one!! But happy !A


Love it - good on you Allanah! TTx


Allanah, I am so happy for you! I think we all need to push through the pain and get out and go when the opportunity is there. the pain will be there anyways. Now you are going to raise funds and help others and that is so commendable. We really do need to try to ignore the aches and pains, take our meds on schedule, and do everything we can to fill our life with memories.

I know there are those who really cannot function as you have, I'm not expecting the "Lazuras Syndrome" and want everybody to rise up and move on :) Just try to match abilities to what needs to be done, whether at home or for the church, or an organization, or Charitable cause. It does really help to make a difference!

I know you will "Pace"...when you have time:) so good for you! Loret xx


right allanah thoroughly fed up now after listening to what you have got up to.

i need to go and get a life and start feeling goooood


So pleased you have had such a great summer. Am really jealous now - Leeds sounds amazing and it's lovely to share festival experiences with the kids too - great memories.

Enjoy some rest and good luck with the fundraising.

Caroline x


thanks guys

Wasnt trying to make anyone jealous! Just after all my upset and worries last year I decided well it hurts, I cant stay in a ball in bed all the time. These places were set up for people with mobility problems so lets get out and do it!!!And wanted to share my next stage of RA life with you all. But the superhuman paralympians....how do they do it....wow.xxxAxx


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