Fell off the toilet


I have oa I have written on the sight before early this morning I got up to go to the loo I have a history of sleep walking only for the last three -4yrs never as a child I have a cpap machine as when they were trying to find out what was causing the sleep walking which they still don't have an answer they found out I have sleep apnea I fell asleep on the toilet and fell off and banged the top of my head and hurt my left shoulder and collar bone which is very painful I have taken pain killers which hasn't helped much I am a Carer and I am at work this evening don't know how I will cope if I struggle I will have to go to a&be in the morning couldn't go this morning as I had hairdresser coming the bang on my head is making me feel very sleepy I hope this evening at work goes ok can't go off work just been off work for three weeks looking after h has he has had surgery on his foot being that it was a leave I had two falls at the beginning of last year and they will probably hold it against me sorry about the long post


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  • If you've had a bang on the head I think you should really be checked out! Can you go to A and E?

  • I can't go until tomorrow as they wont be able to get cover for my work they need plenty of notice they are not very considerate employers I work for the county council when my husband had his surgery they asked if my family could help him he wouldn't want his daughter to help him with his pc and toileting he would have felt very embarrassed


  • Do they need notice when you die then Dotty55 sorry i shouldn't be flippant,but i think you should ignore your bosses and get yourself to the drs asap.xxxx

  • How are you doing now Dotty?

  • I have a headache saw the nurse today she didn't seem very nice didnt feel as if I could talk to her I haven't been to the hospital if I still have a headache tomorrow will go I still feel sleepy my husband said last night I was sat on the side of the bed struggling to take my cpap mask off falling backwards then sitting up again and then I went forwards he thought I was going to fall off the bed I don't remember any of it when he woke me he went with me to the toilet I kept telling hImi will be alright he wouldn't leave me all he wants to do is record me to show to the specialist don't see him until september thanks suzanndale for asking about me not used to anybody caring

    Many thanks


  • Sounds like you have a wonderful caring husband. Take care of yourself. If you are still have a headache and or doing odd things that your hubby notices, please go to the ER. Don't be embarassed about the fall, your life has value...you are worth it.

    I wish you well


  • I sympathise - it might make you feel a bit better knowing that I fell asleep on the loo in the middle of the night a couple of years ago and managed to bump my head like you but I also grazed my chin and broke my foot! I felt a right nit having to tell the A&E staff how I'd done it but they didn't bat an eye. So please don't be put off going if feel you need to, especially don't let the nurse with the personality defect colour your decision. Hope you're soon feeling better x

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