Off out to start Christmas rolling

Well after 2 days of feeling rubbish with meds fuzzy head, headache and nausea, i am going into town after work to see a group in the Cavern club (yes the Beatles very own cavern club.) didn't feel like going as felt so awful but dusted myself down and got my glad rags on and off i go.. My other half is meeting me in pub with friends and is about to get me a large glass of wine. I thought shouldn't really but what the hell, i will sleep if off tomorrow.

Hope more of you are out tonight having a few drinkies. We have to cheer ourselves up somehow don't we.

Cheers and bottoms up!!!

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  • Sounds great Debbie! I too am venturing forth tomorrow night, hav'nt been out at night since had the operation, and am still in boot & on crutches but have a plan and am booking a table in our local! Can't drink either, but am going anyway, hopefully will feel a bit Christmassy. hope you have a wonderful evening. I bet my hubby would love to see Cavern Club he a big Beatles fan.

    xx Gina.

  • That sounds like my kind of night out! ,I love bands and I bet the atomsphere at the Cavern is fab, have a great night Debbie, ( you too Gina!)


  • Whats going out at night,i've forgotten what they are,usually too KN""""""d for anything after about 4.00pm. My evenings consist of bath bed and a mug of ovaltine. Boring old fart aren't i.

    Hope every one has a good time and have a few drinks for me as i don't drink no more. Sunk my share in past times though.


  • The Cavern Club is awful, Matthew Street is awful, so is Rubber Soul, as is Flanagan's. They're all dreadful, and they're all on Matthew Street. There's no original music.

  • Hi Andrea. You r right Mathew street is awful but went to see china crisis. Had a great night and then onto hard days night hotel after

  • Everyone is making me jealous talking about going out and drinking alcohol. At least with metx it said you could take a drink but arava it tells you not to even think about it!!! Oh i would love some live music, a big glass of red wine, and that beautiful feeling of "I will deal with it all tomorrow".

    Have a great night out all of you.

  • Hope u enjoyd your night. We are into town on monday to watch " Mrs Browns Boys" at the Liverpool empire can't wait! My hubby loves Matthew street especially the bank holiday festivals! Xxx

  • oh I love Mrs Browns boys enjoy!!

  • Well by the time I read this you will have been out and done your partying and I hope that you had fun - it does you good to see your friends and let off some steam:-}

    Cece x

  • Hope you had a great night Debbie?

  • Hope it was fun,i've only been to liverpool once and that was to take my son to anfield as he is a liverpool fan. XX

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