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Hi all, not posted for sometime, been poorly with lungs and things. I have been in contact with my help line as suggested by my GP as to what can be prescribed for my very swollen feet, hands and fingers (Osteoarthritis ), my GP won't prescribe anti inflammatories due to my asthma and acid reflux and inflammatory arthritis, also don't tolerate strong pain meds. Take steroids for lungs, but they do nothing for the joint pains.

Found out from help line nurse that the consultant I was seeing is no longer at the hospital and I have been transferred to another one, who is trying to treat me via emails with the nurses rather than make an appointment to see me. Yesterday the help line phoned and said he suggested I go back to my GP and get treated for my fibromyalgia. I have have had Fibro for over 13 years and know that this flare has nothing to do with Fibro. The nurse said she would email consultant again and get back to me. Heard nothing as of yet.

Sorry for the long post, but had to vent somewhere.


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  • Sorry you are having so many problems. if its your fingers and hands that are bothering you most, have you thought about things like wax baths to relieve it?

    Would it work better if you GP emailed the consultant as well?

  • Thanks for your reply Earthwitch, I have thought about the wax bath, just thought the Rheumy would have come up with something by now, been going on for over a week now. If I don't hear anything by Monday will refer back to GP.

  • Hi Jan, i think you need to push for that appointment. It is tricky if you are restricted to what medications that you can take. sometimes putting an ice pack on joints can help with swelling but put something over it first, even a pack of frozen peas would do. Massage, wax baths, gentle exercise or if you are allowed a cream like voltarol to rub in. Hope you get something soon.

  • I would call the helpline again and tell her in the strongest terms your treatment is going around in circles or ask your GP to write to the consultant saying u need help ASAP. Poor you, you must be fed up xx

  • Hi, thank you all for the replies, greatly appreciated, have tried the ice pack, helps a little with the swelling, but it soon flares again. Will be in touch with help line again tomorrow and then GP.

    Really fed up now with all this.


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