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Blood test results on line

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Has anyone else had difficulty in getting methotrexate blood test results on line?

I have tried countless times. I have the NHS App. It asks me for a photo to prove who I am. I also have to repeat a number they gave me and say it in fron of the camera on my iPad. I have photographed my driving licence many times but they find fault with it every time. So they(NHS). Won’t let me have my results!

My surgery has said 3 times they will ring me back and tell me what to do. They don’t ring back .. I have tried so many times. What do I have to do to see my results ON LINE?

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I get mine emailed to me direct from my Gp or my rheumy... perhaps a lot easier than trying to figure out that app? Only the GP can authorise you getting them direct from the practice so perhaps ask him her next time you speak and ask for it to be set up so reception know?

Good idea.

I ask my rheumy nurse/rheumy sec via the helpline or secretary’s numberto print me them off and send me them in the post every 3 months. That’s how they prefer us to do it.

Sounds very frustrating and I would ask to speak to your GP about this and if the receptionist says no, then send a letter to the GP saying what has happened and ask for a reply. Good luck. x

I had thought of asking the receptionist at the surgery to do this but haven’t done this so far

If anything is outside normal parameters the rheumy nurse phones unless it is something they feel is borderline and likely to resolve itself next time. The print out highlights any such discrepancies and asterisks then also as does the computer screens the rheumys and docs access. Also our GP practice manager will read them over the phone to you.

Once you get into the NHS app unfortunately you can't see your blood results until your Gap gives permission and I think they have to do something their end electronically to allow to link to the app.

I was gutted as like you it was a pain to get hooked up and then I couldn't see my results. I gave up trying but I should really ask the GPS again.

Good luck with it 👍

Why do they make it so difficult to see yr own test results!

That sounds incredibly frustrating! I get my blood results online from two places: (1) my medical practice's online service, and (2) my NHS MyChart account.

I'm not certain if MyChart is specific to Addenbrookes hospital, but it might be. I access both of these services on my laptop computer, not a phone app.

I've never had access to mine xxx

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Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

I’m surprised but sometimes people can get too hung up on their results but I prefer to see mine, and my rheumy gave me a book for monitoring them from the very first appointment, then I got print outs when that became more the norm. xxx

Yes,,I too write my results in a book. My daughter is a GP and likes to see my results. I always look and compare with previous results.

I find if reassuring too to know things are on an even keel too.

What a pain! My hospital uses MyChart and it works fine & GP uses Systmonline. I get my blood results on both systems, Addenbrookes tend to put the results online the morning after the blood tests & GP surgery soon after.

Maybe if you bypass the GP receptionist and ask to speak to a secretary they might be able to explain how the NHS App works or whether the surgery has a different online service you could get connected to?

If the NHS App is causing difficulties they need to know otherwise its not fit for purpose and by letting them know, you may be helping lots of other people trying to use it.

Wow never knew it was possible.My rheumatologist never reveals 3 monthly blood tests which get sent to him I have to ask nurse at gp to print out for me so I can see.hard to understand thou

Yes I found hooking up to that app a complete pain and I can honestly say it took me a whole afternoon. I do now get my blood test results on there although this is obviously dependent on the surgery putting them up. I’m still missing the ones from last November - although the hospital has confirmed they were fine.

I have never been offered to see them. I am told if you don't hear from us (ie gp surgery), then no news is good news? I will ask next time I am in about this service

I get mine from Systmonline, I just log in with my user name etc, given to me by my Surgery. I then print them off, and file them for future reference

I have never had my results and until now had no idea that I could! Do I just ask my doctors?

Depends on their policy at the GP whether they give patients a print out. Ask your practice manager how they do it. Some GP practices may charge as I was told once I’d get charged but I didn’t. (I wanted my results to take to a non NHS appointment hence the need for them ASAP, ) Then five years ago I started to get mine sent to me every three months by my rheumy nurse or when I was in for infusion they send me off with a print out as I left. I’d see which way you think is easier to get it .. rheumy nurse or GP practice .. or set up an access to the results online as others have detailed. I haven’t done that as yet but may do.

I also get mine from systmonline, so simple, but you do have to apply via your gp.

I don’t get my blood results as I’m on a monitoring program called DAWN which the rheummy dept set up. Each month they and my dr get results and either of them contact me if there is any problems. One month my LFT went up so was phoned and told to stop methotrexate for2wks then repeat test. If all is good I don’t feel I need to know results, but can ring surgery and ask about them.

I have my results via patient view. Results normally show, on my computer, within 24 hrs of giving the blood. I am not ae to access via my smart phone app. Itnever seems to work.

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