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Advice line still closed!

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The rheumatology advice line has been closed for ages! I rang a while ago as I realised I was heading for a flare, and was in a lot of pain. I gave up trying in the end, and just left things as they were.

Then more recently, I got a flare up of psoriasis, more pain and stiffness, then iritis. This morning my Achilles and knees are swollen, and I could hardly move. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I tried advice line...closed! So rang GP expecting to be fobbed off. Spoke to a bew doc who rang rheumatology, and rang me back within ten minutes. She had spoken to rheumy who suggested either steroid or coxi something. I went for steroid option until I know a bit more about the anti-inflammatory. I was amazed! Seen within an hour and given IM steroid. If it doesn't work well I'll try coxi stuff.

Perhaps folks are listening now there's been eye involvement?

Shame about the advice line. Might have all been sorted sooner. Still, grateful for steroid. Lets hope it works!

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I think drug offered might be celebrex. Not so keen on trying that as info says not to be used if allergic to sulfa drugs. I had an awful reaction to sulfasalazine. Plus my blood pressure is quite high.

It's so frustrating with these advice lines, isn't it? I called mine on Tuesday, left a message - heard nothing. Clemmie

Hi nettac hope your feeling a bit better with the steroid , not very helpful if you can't get a hold off somebody just as well your GP stepped in to help, I had to phone my helpine today for query regarding blood work and was bowled over by the specialist nurse phoning me back within the hour as it's usually a couple of days later, keep fighting xxx

Apparently advice libe will be closed until October, it's been out if action for a good few months! No idea what the issue is. Makes more work for general docs though. However, I was seen a lot quicker as a result! :-)

I didn't even know there was an advice line. Is it run by the NHS?

Advise lines: Departments of rheumatology set up an advice line if they have sufficient numbers of specialist rheumatology nurses to answer the queries, Unfortunately in most areas where they were set up, lack of staff has caused partial or complete closure of this very useful resource for queries about treatment or problems.

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Yes, it's a great pity Oldtimer.

That was great re your doc. I used to have one like that too who phoned up for me. My Helpline is often closed due to holidays and sickness. They do get back to you otherwise quite quickly. The rheumy's secretaries will usually help and get the rheumatologist to phone back if urgent re meds etc.

Thank goodness for intramuscular steroid shots! The awful stiffness is better, and the pain and swelling is calming down. So far, steroids work better than the dmards.

I don't see prof rheumatogy until December. I'm hoping I'll be offered something other than leflunomide. It's clearly not working, despite trying the higher dose.

So grateful for the shot.

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