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Champix for vaping/e-cigarettes

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Has anyone used champix to give up vaping/ e-cigarettes. ?

I am totally addicted it’s never out of my mouth!

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I’m not having side effects My question was about vaping

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Whale13 Months Smoke Free in reply to Redelly

HiVaping is just another way to trick you into consuming nicotine. Nicotine is the most addictive substance in the world. If you can bear it, throw the vape away. Nicotine leaves the body after 3 days. Cravings are there to try to get you back on it. Distract by deep breathing, go for a walk, clean the bathroom ie anything until it passes. At really bad craving eat a biscuit! Really helps!

Recognise what they are and fight the urge to comply. After 3 months the nicotine leaves your brain. You are then free of the worst thing that has been controlling your life. There is life after vaping, not sure about champix it has some scary side effects. Try to believe in yourself, you can do it.

I have stopped after 49 years os smoking. Allen Carr has written a brilliant book Easy Way to stop smoking. It persuaded me to give up half way through reading it and it is now nearly 3 months and Happy to report very few Cravings now, and they pass very quickly 😀. So glad to be able to call myself a non smoker! Life is calmer, the ups and downs have smoothed out as no longer craving nicotine and my breathing has improved as well as my sleep. I do at least an hours walk every day and things that seemed hard and made me breathless no longer do.

I know lots of people who gave up smoking just to get Hooked on vaping. Good luck ,hope you can get free soon.

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Redelly in reply to Whale1

Hi thanks for your help, I’ve tried all that plus hypnosis and I’ve read the book and tried NRT of all types. I’m just hoping that Champix can help with vaping addiction

I’m on day 6 no side effects so far

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Petesake9 in reply to Whale1

Good for you Whale1. You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work🙂👍🏻⭐️

I think I’ve got over the worse of the cigarette cravings but still addicted to the vape. Today I move to zero nicotine vape juice so then it will just be no more than a ‘dummy’

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Petesake9 in reply to Redelly

Be very careful about vaping. My friend was a long term smoker. Quit the cities and began vaping. He was dead in less than six months. His very close friend reckoned it was the swap over that did him in. Not sure why. But just saying.......hope that helps you to drop the bad habit that replaced the bad habit😐

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Redelly in reply to Petesake9

I’ve been vaping for over ten years

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Petesake9 in reply to Redelly

Geeeez. My friend might have just got a bad batch. Who knows is the thing about it. Could have been the sudden change.....? Anyhow, good luck in your endeavour to quit. It all begins with a strong desire which you clearly have. You’ve got this!🙋

I'm trying to kick vaping also. What is Champix never heard of it? Is it working for you?

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