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I dreamt of smoking

Biggrin6 Years Smoke Free

It is 6 years since I had my last smoke. The other day I had a dream about smoking.

"Ha!" you say. "Once a smoker always a smoker. It's true what people say. The craving never leaves you. Even years after stopping, you still want a smoke."

Well, no, not really. In the dream I was in a small room. Several other people were in there, smoking heavily. The atmosphere was thick with the fug of smoke. One person even blew a huge dense cloud of smoke right into my face.

Was I smoking in the dream?.................no

Did I feel like I wanted to smoke?.........no

Did it even occur to me to have a smoke?..........no.

So don't listen to anyone who says you will always want to smoke. People who actually gave up years ago have forgotten that they ever did smoke. That's why they don't talk about it!

Hard though it might be to believe, smoking is simply no longer a part of their life any more.

I have forgotten about smoking. Keep going with your quit, and in time you will forget about smoking too.

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KathieO100 Days Smoke Free

Thank you for the advice. I just hit my year mark this month. I have had smoking dreams but have read it’s because I’m glad I don’t smoke. This morning I was thinking how nice it to say I don’t want to. So I am hoping the cravings are finally fading away.

Biggrin6 Years Smoke Free in reply to KathieO

Very well done for a year without smoking. Like me, I expect you have found that your life has not collapsed simply because you no longer hold circular rolls of paper filled with dried leaves between your lips, and set fire to them!

I agree, it's such a great feeling to realise that you don't actually want to smoke :-)

It's not just the desire to smoke that is finally fading away. What is also gradually fading away is the memory that you ever did smoke. Astonishing, yet that is what is happening.

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Whenever I dream about smoking, I'm much younger. Wish I could make that part of the dream come true :)

Liebedich1000 Days Smoke Free

Thank you for this words, this really help me to keep going only 11 days but this side help me a. Lot already. But your words give me hope to feel like one day I never smoked. Thank you xoxox

Biggrin6 Years Smoke Free in reply to Liebedich

Well done with your quit. Keep going. There will certainly be ups and downs. However, you will find that gets easier and easier.

You will notice that you begin to forget about smoking. The first time this happens it might be for half an hour, or maybe for an hour. After a while you will find you forget for half a day. It won't be that long before you forget about smoking for a whole day! The periods of forgetting get longer and longer until you begin to wonder if you ever smoked in the first place!

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