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Smoking relapse ! I need your opinion! Helppppppp!

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free

Help!! I'm 17 years old and I recently stopped smoking for like 2 months, I was recently out with friends and we drank wine etc and I had a couple cigarettes, I didn't smoke for 2 days after that but I can't help but feel the need to smoke! I honestly don't know what to do, I don't think it's going to be possible for me to completely stop like I tried, because I am always out with friends etc. should I just try to smoke during the weekends or? Thank you x

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Nohassel1 Day Smoke Free

hi lauravm, only you can decide what you want to do, smoke, dont smoke, smoke occasionly, i would say though if you didnt smoke for 2 days and your craving a cig then mabey smoking socially wont work for you, i am all or nothing myself 20 a day or none theres no middle ground for me, but some of my friends just have the odd one or two when there out having a drink and thats it i consider them to be the lucky few. saying that though at your age i would suggest just giving up as you will have done very little damage and it will save you the stress of dealing with it later on in life! wish you well.

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to Nohassel

Yeah I do tend to be all or nothing as well! Thank you for your help!

melf1232 Years Smoke Free

Hi Lauravm,

All I can say is that at around the age of 17 I started smoking and I wish I never had touched one of those nasty, vile things called cigarettes.

I don't know if younger people of today smoke as a sign of looking 'cool' (I know they did in my day) or if it is a genuine habit that some people just cannot kick... there is something in the way your status reads that makes me think that you have not decided for certain in your own mind that you want to quit - the part that you are wondering if you can be a part time smoker at weekends tells me that.

I don't mean to come across as harsh but until you have decided for definite that you want to stop - FOR GOOD, then only you can decide if you will live a life of smoking, or not.

If it is the wine or alcohol that is a trigger (and it is for many), try and drink something else - and you really need the support of the friends that you are out with to discourage you from smoking - if they were real friends, they would anyway.

Good luck with your journey.


Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to melf123

Thank you! And I DO and did want to stop smoking, which resulted in me stopping for 2 months! But ever since I did it last weekend my brain is going back to its old ways and telling me I need to smoke (I know it's all bullshit) and I'm having trouble kicking the habit once again! But I really DO want to stop!! Thanks again

you done well for 2 days yes yr 17 but if you want quit or not quit yr decision ive been smoking since i was 16 now im 51 and i quit all sudden i use vape my daughter smokes around me and dont even want to touch another cigerette as for the smell but thats me but your decision hope that helps

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to treacle1965

Thank you for your reply! I do want to stop and I did succesesfully for 2 months, but I'm having trouble kicking the habit again! It's such a vicious cycle...

im quitting by vape and cutting nicotine down i have goal by end march be 3mg nicotine by end may be 0 nig thats how ive quit stopped just under 6 wks ago

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to treacle1965

I was thinking about doing that, but I read that it justness prolongs the process...I'm all in or out, when I did stop for two months I just used brain power! It's 99% mental and 1% physical t successfully stop smoking! You need to rewire how you see smoking and really want it! That's why I'm having trouble now becauS my brain thinks I want cigarettes after relapsing!

some go cold turkey but me quitting vape eoeked me havnt touched a smoke since i quit and nicotine free by end may ive noticed how better i feel better im not going relapse what ive done im proud ive had cravings which ive coped with and with help from here im looking forward my birthday in may is day i turn 52 and nicotine free

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to treacle1965

Well really well done! You should be proud! All the best to you

i am so proud im proud everyone on this site trying quit or has quit

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

How lovely to be reading a post, by some one who by the nature of age indicates, you know it's not cool, you know, it's not healthy, and who knows the smell is not what we call aftershave.

Of course we have choices, but you have already quit for two months, and without doubt, you can do it again, I know we think it's like climbing a mountain, but as time passes in our quits, that mountain becomes smaller and smaller, until we don't notice.

I may be speaking a little out of turn, but not one person on here, wishes they had ever started, it's just a thought, but you could buy some nicotine lozenges for when your out with mates.

So great to have you with us, and if you want to quit you can, lots s of. options open to you.

I look forward to your updates. With a little luck on your side

Keep posing it helps

Lauravm3 Months Smoke Free in reply to Tracey3

Thank you so much! I will keep everyone updated, day by day I'm thinking! Like an online journal for others!


U sound like me. I'm all or nothing no in the middle kind of person. I have only quit 2 months now but I did so cold turkey. I don't disagree with vapors or patches, just not for me. This is my second time and last to quit. 1st time I quit 7 yrs and started back. Honey your young with a long life ahead. When I was 17, I knew smoking was bad but the risks seemed so far away and just didn't think that far ahead but when your in your 40s, kids grown, grandkids to laugh and play with, a person in your life you get to wake everyday to, trust me, you wish u never picked up a cigarette cause you are in your best years to know you could have more if you never smoked. You say you are all or nothing then fight honey to live a long healthy life and every time you think about smoking remember you are in control of your own destiny and you can write the book with a happy ending. Good luck and keep fighting

HercuValued Contributor

Lauravm....You are a very clever girl to stop smoking or try to stop in the early stages... I wish I had your wisdom when I was 17...Yes maybe you started a few years back and although some damage done it might be reversable...For some of us, 35 + year smokers, the writing is on the wall and I can promise you it is not nice to be short of breath due to your own stupidity...Wich could be avoided.

You acknowledged in one of your replys the it is a brain game.... Very, very true....and that is why, whilst trying to quit you must try and occupy your brain with other nice things...You will save money.. spend it on yourself....I could buy myself a jetski and up my fishing....!!

Easy for me to say now after 1 year and 8 months smober .....smoking 60 per day 38 years non stop.....but I can guaruntee that first few weeks will haunt me for the rest of my smoke free life...I never want to relive that total "blah'' time again....!

Keep fighting and as I always say...Don't defend...Attack...!!

lauravm am at 3months too, but am 50 & like Hercu said the writing is on the wall.. I hope you are doing well. How are you doing?

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