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I am from India and was smoking almost 25 cigarette/day since last 20 years and sometimes more than this level as well. i had tried couple of times to quit it but was not bale to maintain the same for not more than 2-3 day as felt lot of anxiety and craving for smoking and always feel that something is lost but this time the experience is totally different and today it is 50th day i have not smoked. will power and support from my friends & family and most important my physician advised me a drug named CHAMPIX for 3 months (I have taken the same for 25 days only). will advise if anyone want to quit

1. strong will power- think of your Kids /family members or someone you love

2. tell your decision of quit smoking to everyone and ask them to support you and discourage you for smoking

3. avoid to visit the people who smoke and spend more time with the friends who encourage you to quit smoking

3. it is matter of only one week and after that craving for smoking will decrease and after 21 days you will not feel any urge from inside to smoke

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  • Great advice Vicky. Welcome to the group. You and I are both on about 50 days

  • Welcome vicky_7843 and congratulations on 50 days smoke free, that is great, well done!

    You appear to be in a great frame of mind which is vital in our quits.   Thanks for sharing an excellent post and look forward to more and updates on your progress :)

    PS What a coincidence that you just signed up after ShubhamPrajapati too from India did!

  • Hi Vicky ..Welcome and thank you very accurate advice...Well done on 50 days.

     I have stopped with the help of Champix and served me well. I have completed the whole 52 day coarse and very glad I did because as from day one I had stopped I have decided not to go through this agony again and will never smoke again...This new freedom is amazing and very precious !!!!!

  • Congratulations on your quit - 50 days is awesome.  I also quit with champix and found it a great help. 

  • Would like to clear to other friends who also want to quit that CHAMPIX will not alone work but it is your will power which will work. Engage yourself in some work or stuff that u like. For ex I was watching the T20 cricket world cup.

    Believe in ur self, if we can do u can also do

  • Welcome to the forum Vicky and VERY well done on getting to 50 days. Great to see people from all around the world!

  • Welcome to the group great job on 50 days.  Be proud of yourself 

  • Thanks everyone. its good see lot of people with the same mentality 

  • That awesome Vicky - just one day at a time- battle the urges - stay focused you can do it. I'm 8 months smoke free!!

  • Thanks USNx . Now i am quite confident that I can do it as these days i am observing the difference between before and after two  months.

    1. now I can concentrate more in office. earlier need to go out regularly a gap of max half an hour.

    2. feeling relaxed, no cough now, good breath , improved triglycerides and HDL level. 

    3. saving a lot of money wasted on a POISON

    4. the best part is that i am spending time with my family and they are very happy with this move. Just sharing one example - last to last week we went on vacations in the same Resort we went two years back. it was a no smoking property and but on my request they had allowed me to smoke in the  rooms  Balcony which was a very nice place to sit and relax but as i was smoking there so my family has decided to close the door permanently and they were sitting in the hotel garden. I have to move many times a day from Pool, club to my room to smoke but this time I was spending my entire time with my kids and enjoyed a lot.

    Observed other people who are smoking at Public places as i used to do earlier and just think that i was embarrassing my kids and my entire family. really my Son 10 year old is very happy with this 

  • did you feel hyperventilation like frequent yawning and after that anxiety? I am in fourth weeks now and I still feel this.

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