Drinking without smoking!!

Hi all, hope this finds you well :)

Am on day 21 without cigarettes and yesterday I was at a great friends for a drink, aherm, too many actually!!! It was a huge test for me as I've always smoked heavily when drinking in the past.

I passed it without a single hitch and I feel really proud and happy! I used my e cig a fair bit and at low nicotine I thought I would struggle but no!!

I wonder how others have managed when drinking and not smoking?

It really has made me feel a bit like 'wow' I obviously really want this!!! What a great reminder that I'm a happier non smoker... no smelly clothes, no tight chest, no nasty taste and my hair still smells as fresh as when I washed it yesterday!!

Would love to hear people's stories about first socialising as a new non smoker..

Thanks to everyone for support and great pointers which really help xx

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  • Huge congratulations jobm1, you have overcome a huge trigger that many struggled with and caved in here unfortunately. For me the drinking and smoking was not an issue and 19 months on still is no problem to me but what was a big trigger was the actual being around smokers, cigarettes readily available to me in a pub, wedding, funeral etc.... it was always tempting sometimes extremely tempting to have 'just the one'. Thankfully, even if one too many drinks, I never succumbed, I think it definitely is the mindset and how much you want to be free no matter what state you get yourself into out socialising! :O I didn't have my first social night out until well into my second month quit so you really have done sooo well!

  • You are so so lovely RoisinO1. Such a tremendously supportive soul. Thank you! I was afraid as my friend has smoked in the past but we both stood strong.

    Ah I am worried about going out with smokers, but I popped to see a friend today and had a little glass of wine, she smoked and I puffed on my e cig! It really is a great replacement and I've spoken to my doctor about it, she is pro although offered support when the time comes for me to lose it, I am very determined that time will come!

    Thank you again and very well done for being in those situations and still saying no. I completely agree it's a mind set.. I knew I wanted change badly x :)

  • hi jobm1

    I don't drink.for many years now.i was a depressed drinking which I cry or I was crazy dance and loud music,

    none went down well with my inner self πŸ˜’

    I do have a drink at a wedding or funeral but never wanted a fag.

    I have a hot toddy when I have a cold but no craves.

    you did a grand job not smoking 😁

    proof you can have your cake and eat it 😁

    take care 😊

  • Well done for not drinking too 😊

    Thank you for your lovely reply

  • gave up drinking 😐

    gave up smoking 😐

    now I've run out of chocolate 😐


    take care 😊

  • Hahahahaha cup of tea always works for me πŸ’ͺ🏻 :) take care yourself lovely

  • 😁😁😁

  • I found this the hardest hurdle to get over Jo. Drinking and smoking went hand in hand for me, especially when I went out to watch a football match in the pub. It doesn't bother me at all now but it took a few months before I got like that, so you've done really well! I can even watch my (useless) team (Sunderland) get relegated (again) these days without needing a consolation cig. :-)

    Give yourself a pat on the back as lots of people struggle with this.

  • I genuinely felt nervous about it, and, my son is with his dad this weekend so it's super easy for me to pop out for tobacco, another fear... but, I haven't!

    Thank you for your lovely encouragement.

    Ha! I was listening to the news about your team today, bless you, well done for getting through it smoke free!! (I can't deny I'm not a football fan but can understand the commitment) 😊

  • Good for u jobm1 !! One of the hardest things to do for so many. Although I'm not a heavy drinker, I do occasionally have 1 or 1 too many ... our family has a trailer and all of our friends drink and smoke too much. I struggled a lot last summer as I was just starting my quit. It took me a long time to feel ok about being with them. I hurt a few feelings a long the way but we are all still great friends today. I actually just came home after being with them. First time ever I had an adult beverage and didn't think "I wish I had a cigarette "! I am super proud right nowπŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻



  • Aw Wanda!! You rock!!! Well done... I used to drink a bit too much but only occasionally now... it was a big test and I'm so happy I did it... the big thing I'm getting from this site and people's 'tools' for quitting, is mindset.... however many props we have, it's down to determination.... well done for getting through a difficult time ❀️

  • Ah well done Wanda, will be no bother to you now for your penthouse party in under a months time, definitely earned one or two too many, we can do it together :D

  • 29 Days RoisinO1 ☺️

  • Jo..I can just say: If you want it you will have it...Obvious that you want to quit and therefore you could socialise and stay quit..

    Excellent and very well done..You are in it to win it...Congrats !!!

  • Hercu, yes! You're right I think... if you want something badly enough... and I hadn't thought of it like that! On occasion I think I'm not really quit, like I'm just messing hahaha! It's a bit surreal at times I think, quitting smoking after so many years! Conditioning is so strong!

    Thank you for your positivity, everyone here is so nice! :)

  • And did you notice on how much better your favorite party beverage tasted? And the longer you go without smoking your taste buds start to come alive again!!

  • I did! And the smell of everything is such a big deal too :)

  • Ah jobm1 - the reliving of the smells - you have so much to look forward to, just in from a spot of gardening and was trimming a palm tree, brought back a childhood memory of making tree huts, lovely memory :D Hope things are continuing to go well for you?

  • Oh yes!! RoisinO1, lovely memories ❀️ I've always had a fairly keen sense of smell but now, WOW!! It's lovely and not so in equal measure haha :)

    It's going so well thank you! Cannot deny that finding this lovely and supportive place has been a true blessing. I'm reducing the nicotine in the e cig, gone from 16 to 8 on just under a month so next 6 then three and then off. I've given myself three months on it as it genuinely doesn't do masses in terms of the 'hit' of smoking, but the mental element is definitely helped by having it!

    My kitchen and living and dining rooms are spotless hahaha 😊

    Thank you so much and very well done for your fantastic quitting and doing it ct! Brilliant :)

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