Caving bad and dreaming of smoking

It has been over 4 months since I quit but last week I have wanted a cigarette bad. I'm even dreaming of smoking and I remember so well in my dream taking that inhale and it feels good. My body is wanting one and I feel like I'm going through with drawls again. I'm not going to smoke but my cravings are more powerful right now. I don't know why or what brought them on cause been doing so well .

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  • Hi there Hollyu.... I'm not into months quite yet, but this made me think of how powerful our psych is when it comes to habits! Bad and good!

    I think you've done amazingly and even though you feel this blip, four months is bigger than one dream... well done quitting for so long!

    I read about the psychology of dreams and that often what we dream is the opposite of the reality... again, well done!!! :)

  • Thank you and I agree. It amazes me how powerful our minds are and how we struggle with our own desire and our own bad or good habits we created and made come to light. I'm boggled and speechless on how I want to smoke right now cause thought cravings were over. I'm also tired of having to deal with it. I never notice how many people smoke and how easy it is to get a smoke from anyone and anywhere. Won't give up but yuck... wish I never started

  • Omg I wish that too!!!! I daydream about how much better my health/looks/life would have been if I never smoked!! Smoking over half my life makes me feel yuk!!!

    So now, even though you're thinking of it and even though you're tired of fighting, please, keep on quitting because you are such an inspiration, you're strong, you're amazing because you said NO!

    I'm fast approaching my first month of not smoking in 28 years of my 44 year life... when I see that you're 4 months in, I think YES!!!! I got this! Don't give up giving up, you've got this.... 😊😍

  • Oh you do have this and not giving up. Sorry if sound down and defeated and I am be but won't give in. I am inspired by each and every person who faces a challenge in their lives and doesn't give in no matter what nor now matter how easy it would be to throw in the towel. Thank you again

  • You don't sound down at all to me.... not at all xxx really

  • Could it be anything to do with the weather? I know that may sound daft but it can have a big effect. I got bad cravings last spring as the weather improved and I started to think about sitting outside in the garden (having a smoke) and sitting in beer gardens (having a smoke). It drove me mad.

  • I truly don't know. Been at same job for over ten years, good life, god has blessed me in so many ways just don't know why I'm craving so hard. It's like when I first quit. I know I will move past this just don't know what brought it on. My dream was so so real that I honestly thought I smoked when I woke which made me crave it move. Thank y'all all for your words and advice.

  • No problem, hope it passes soon. Things like this seem to come out of nowhere, it's weird!

    I used to get dreams as well for the record, but not for a while now. Mine were really frustrating. I would buy pack after pack of cigarettes but didn't smoke any of them. I went through the whole dream gasping for a smoke!

  • Hollyu...Crazy.. I remeber having same dreams..and funny how we only remeber the nice in our dreams and then waking up we remeber the bad...Just shows how strong this addiction actually is that it even try to convince us in our sub concience that smoking is nice...!!

    Glad you resisted and I am sure this is the last final attempt of the demon to get you back...Fight this through and you will fly.. Stay strong !!!

  • Hey Hollyu - this quitting business is strange and so unique to everyone but very common these out of the blue triggers / cravings - I had so many random ones over the last 19 months, be ready to attack at all times - wishing you strength, I promise they will become less and less and easier to handle, you are doing great :)

    PS I still have the smoking dreams at least once a month - apparently it is you craving a cigarette in your sleep, it is very upsetting but at the same a huge relief that it is only a dream :O

  • Thank you and you are right. My urges are far a few . I don't know why it came from out of the blue but shoving cravings in back pocket and moving forward. Thank you everyone for kind encouraging words.

  • It happens every now and again! It will definitely pass. Don't worry.

    As time goes on these episodes happen less often. And when they do, they aren't so powerful. In due course they become like small and gentle waves passing under a boat: you hardly notice them.

    These days I get absolutely no thoughts or cravings or anything whatsoever to do with smoking! Even when I look at smokers puffing away in the rain outside a pub. Nothing at all.

  • One piece of advice: don't try to understand it!

    The less you think about smoking the sooner your mind starts to forget about it. Dwelling on smoking and thinking about it will strengthen the presence of smoking in your mind. So try to steer your thoughts away from smoking, and think about something else......anything else!

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