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No Smoking Day
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6 Months Today!

Whoa this is bananas! Today makes a half a year that I haven't smoked a cigarette. Every single day I thank God for my sobriety and I am still surprised about quitting as abruptly as I did. It's amazing what a mini-stroke and a whole bunch of fear can do to a person. It was asif I just knew it was time to quit. I knew I wanted to, and had even slowed down for two years before I quit, but I just couldn't pick a 'day'. Well, ANY day is a good day to quit.

I hope that I don't ever smoke again because I swear this is like the biggest and best accomplishment for me in my life that fascinates me every day. 18 years of smoking and hating it, and I finally don't have something I dread doing every day anymore. Sure I am gaining weight, and wanting to cry, sleep, and take tylenol bc of the headaches, but all of that is worth not stinking, not coughing all the time, and having to have something to get through each day.

I like not relying on something and not having to wash my hands all the time because my hands stink from cigarette smoke. I like being able to taste great food and smell everything. I love, love, love driving and being one of the cool people who don't have a cigarette hanging out the window. Life is so much better for me now in such a short period of time. Can't imagine how much better I'll feel in 6 more months. Can't wait!

Thanks to everyone on here who share their stories and situations. You've helped me so much. God Bless!


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What a lovely post. Well done. All the things you mentioned that you are enjoying being smokefree are what Im looking forward too.


Brilliant post! Life is so much better non smoking, Thank you for sharing.

Well done .... I can't wait till I'm 6 months, then a year, then forever! 😁


Sheena...you are the star of the show....Imagine the feeling after six months doubling every six months...wonderfull...!!

Yup a new way of life ...certainly and a lovely one on top of it ...!

Thank you for a super positive post...You nailed this quit..Congrats !!


What a great positive post Sheena, delighted for you on reaching 6 months, I promise the next 6 will fly by. You have come along way in your journey and still have so much to look forward to, keep up the great fight :)

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