Two months today!

Day 61 of my quit. Can't quite believe that I have made two months. Thanks everyone for your help along the way. It seems a long time ago now that I started on this journey - somehow March seems a lifetime ago. Evenings were still dark and gloomy and the weather cold and miserable. Now we are on the verge of summer. Something of a metaphor for my quit journey. Nozmo the running starts next week! Keep strong everyone and have a great weekend (you have to love Fridays)

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  • Whohoo FordyP , 61 days is great, well done! It really seems no time since your ski trip away at the start of your quit. You have overcome so much since then and I really feel you are well settled now in your quit. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Enjoy your weekend with your friends and celebrate, you deserve it :)

  • Thanks Roisin.

  • Just been looking back at some of your posts from the early stages Fordy. You were...grumpy...exhausted....unable to concentrate....time was dragging....

    Look how far you have come since then! Full of positive posts and about to get back into pounding the pavements. Two months is brilliant Fordy, really pleased for you.

    Enjoy your weekend

  • Thanks Nozmo. You are dead right about the grumpiness and tiredness at the start of my quit - every minute seemed to last an hour. Things are definitely easier now although still not sleeping brilliantly. For some reason I seem to wake at 5 every morning which leaves me a bit cream-crackered by this time of the week. Not helped by being woken up by some amorous foxes last night - incredible how noisy they can be. I am hoping that getting out and doing some running will help with the sleeping

  • Sorry, had to laugh at the thought of the amorous foxes, just what you need in the wee small hours. They do make a weird noise.

  • Amorous foxes - sounds like the name of a band. Which reminds me how is the bass playing going?

  • It does! Sounds like the name of a trendy 80s band.

    Bass playing is going fine thanks, still in love with my new guitar. I've been playing in bands for nearly 35 years. I played in a few 80s bands that could have been called Amorous Foxes...with my bass up to my neck and my jacket sleeves rolled up. God almighty.

    Sorry for rambling the pub and getting nostalgic!

  • Love it!

  • Congratulations on 2 months! Great job!

  • Thanks miscy

  • Well done Fordy!! I remember when you were sitting up a mountain feeling decidedly blue. Looks like you've snowballed out of that one, haha, s'cuse the pun :) Running indeed...keep it up, you're doing fab!

  • Thanks Ruthess. Seems like an age since I was up that mountain. Definitely feel a lot stronger now. How are things with you? You seem to be doing really well. Any news on the job front?

  • Fordy...Super positive and well done....The moment you start to enjoy this journey you have won it !!! Congrats on the two months...!!

  • Thanks Hercu

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