First day today - long time coming!!!

hi all, hope everyone's having a good day so far. Today is my first day of quitting smoking. I have quit twice before for over a year, both fails were due to a tough life event and me thinking i was "safe" to have "just one" as i never really thought about smoking anymore, so i'll be on the look out for that trap if i can get that far again!

my other 2 times i have quite cold turkey but now i think my addiction is so much stronger and i really struggle at work with withdrawal, I'm a consultant and need to be fairly eloquent - when i have withdrawal i feel drunk and my brain goes blank!!! So this time i have vaping and niquitin tabs and i just feel that if i use them to keep me comfortable and not let myself get to a massive craving then it will be fine, i'll soon break the habit, i just need this to take the edge off.

I have wanted to quit for so long now, every cigarette i have had for the last 6 months has been spent thinking about giving up, worrying i have lip cancer every-time i have a sore. I his my smoking from everyone, i was embarrassed and ashamed. Plus i can hardly say i can't afford to save for a house deposit if i can afford to smoke!!

My biggest fear is the physical symptoms, they make my foggy brained, slurred speech, achy hands and restlessness. Hopefully with my preparation this time it won't be too hard to get through that, i remember how amazing it was when i got to 4, 5, 6 months last time and how ridiculous i thought it was to smoke. Can't wait to get back there!

So there you go, all of my reasons, hopefully i can keep revisiting this post to remind me.

Toni :)

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  • Huge welcome Toni and congratulations on Day 1, that is great! I quit almost 6 months ago cold turkey and never looked back but it has had its fair share of ups and downs but I came out the other side!

    Everyone's quit is unique to themselves and need to do it whatever is best for them to not smoke (I would suggest that you do set yourself a goal to stop vaping when you get into your quit).

    Looking forward to reading your progress, wishing you success and strength!

  • Thanks Roisin! I'm counting on me being extremely forgetful at taking and charging my vaper so it naturally phasing out :)

  • I wish you the strength that I wish for myself, Toni. We can do it!!

  • Hi my name is Angelica as a former smoker since around the age 14 but heaviest in my 20s now im 36 and first time pregnant i decided to hopefully finally kick this habit yesterday which irronically happened to be national quit day or no smoking day woww. theres a sign . so my point here is im quitting very much for my baby growing inside of me but also bc i don't wana be a smoking parent. i know my cravings will b horrible bc i loved to smoke is it safe to vape while pregnant. i know my OBGYN would probably have a fit but how bad is it especially if nicotine free just for the action of smoking i liked. any ideas?and keep it up lady.

  • Hi Angelica, congratulations on the baby and being strong enough to quit, it's the best decision all round and hopefully in 9 months time you'll be completely free from the desire to smoke! I have no idea about the safety of vaping for pregnant woman I'm afraid, however my own personal opinion is that anything that keeps you off cigarettes, which have more poisons in them I think, and anything that helps you stay stress free whilst pregnant can only be a good thing for you and the baby. And trust me, it will be much harder to give up once you have a baby/toddler/teenager to look after, now is definitely the easiest time with the biggest motivation!! Good luck xxx

  • Hi angeluca

    Its good you want to stop.your new life is Toni said it will be hard when little one arrives.But you can do it now.

    I'm vaping.not sure what its worth.i do know it must be 100% better than smoking with 4000 chemicals?

    You can do this.

    You take care

    Keep kicking

  • Welcome to the forum! It's great you embarked on this journey, and we are here to help you. Anything you need, just post on here and we'll surely try to take care of you, help you avoid smoking. :) Good luck!

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