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No Smoking Day
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Russian roulette. ..one day its YOU

hello...well..ive been smoking for years and finally with a massive push from my oen body ive quit..cold turkey.

I contracted a terrible cold which turned into an awful chest infection with horrible cough. one night the coughing was so bad I coughed up blood. that was it. I was convinced I had lung cancer and the Russian roulette game of smoking was over and I had finally lost. I cried with the pain of "knowing" I had murdered myself.

I took myself off to A&E smoked my last cigarette right outside the entrance. Had an XRay.

the doctor sat looking at a patch on my right lung and I steeled myself ready to hear the death penalty. .he told me I had a rather nasty chest infection and would need high dose of antibiotics I had been lucky...this time. He told me eyeball to eyeball quit the fags or else. He advised Alan Car -easy way to quit smoking. .also on you tube. I replied "I will quit right this second...and I knew I meant it.

I haven't smoked since nor do I bloody well want to.

the only way for me was cold turkey. go to bed like you have the flu for a week and ride out the worse of the symptoms. .which can get pretty intense ..but the symptoms are healing and making you better.so I quite enjoyed the journey. .it made me feel like this was the small price to pay for my freedom and health gain...not much really.

Now ive got to deal with weight loss! that is difficult but nit smoking gives me confidence to move more!

I love taking deep breaths without coughing

I love smelling nice

I love having more money in my pocket

I love feeling happier in myself because ive stopped disrespecting myself with slow suicide

I love feeling free of a dark insidious cloud always hovering over me

I love not having to fret over where im gonna smoke and when and running out of cigarettes

I love not feeling like a social leper

its worth every second of discomfort in the first week or two

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What a wonderful post! Welcome to the forum lifeainteasy and well done.

How long is it now since you quit?

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sorry Nozmo should have posted that! lol its been 6 weeks now and I feel good. However one must never feel smug or let guard down...one puff is enough to wake a sleeping dragon and lets face it...always an addict. but the pros far outweigh the cons


Wise words, many a relapse after just one puff, and I should know, I've done it plenty of times.

Well done on getting to six weeks, looking forward to following your progress. With that attitude I think you'll go far!


Lifeainteasy... Welcome and funny how we smokers need to be shocked into reality before we listen to our bodies....But surely the rewards are huge as you have listed...Congrats on your six weeks....!!

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Wow lifeainteasy, that is definitely the best introductory post I have read here! Thank you!

Welcome and congratulations on 6 weeks, you are inspiring especially for our new quitters, like me you have the desire and determination from the moment you put out your last cigarette and you knew they would kills us eventually. I too quit cold turkey almost 11 months ago and all the discomfort in the early stages is so worth it today. I feel the best I have been in years but know the guard must be kept up at all times to deal with life's curve balls and the complacency nostalgic cravings.

Keep up the great work and tackle the weight loss gradually, staying quit is your number priority...

Can you let me know your quit date for your milestone badges when you get a chance....

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thank you for all warm welcomes! well done you ! indeed everyone who is trying to help themselves escape the poison!

18th june 2016 was my stop date.

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Lovely post and all very true!! Welcome to the forum lifeainteasy :)

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Welcome and congratulations on 6 weeks and a great mindset.,,

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Welcome lifeainteasy, excellent first post, 6 weeks and that attitude, you are nailing it!

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lifeainteasy ... Thanks for sharing your story and welcome:) Hard dose of reality you got but it worked!! Congratulations❤️


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