Do you ever really stop craving?

Hi. I have been taking champix and I haven't quit yet but I need to quit now because I am at the end of the period where u need to set a quit date. I have been trying not to smoke in certain situations but I always end up smoking because I have this feeling of something missing from my life I don't feel like I am enjoying myself fully. My brother who has quit for 4 months now says he still feels like that!! My question is, does that feeling ever go away? Or will I actually just want for it forever? and just have to make the decision not to do it every time? I don't know if I want to feel like that for the rest of my existence. Many thanks for any words of wisdom anyone who has quit can provide.

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  • Welcome CARONAL - we look forward to seeing you here on Day 1 very soon :)

    I will be 2 years quit in September cold turkey and never looked back. Everyone's quit is different and unique to themselves - my husband quit 2 years before me and wasn't a bother on him (even with me still smoking) but when I quit, it really took over as I smoked to hide behind a cigarette, get through happy, sad, stressful, anxious, after doing a chore etc..... whereas he smoked out of habit. It is perfectly normal for your brother to still craving at 4 months as it is relatively early days and the body and mind is still working hard to re-wire, repair and recover but the good news, for every day that passes smoke free, the easier and less intense/severe and frequent the cravings become. I could get a craving today after almost 2 years quit but shrug it off as I am strong now to deal with it.

    I promise, you will too be able to shrug off a craving, set your date and let us know when you are on Day 1. We all have been there and will be here to help you along.

    Wishing you strength :)

    Also, read up as much as you can on smoking and addiction as knowledge is key in our quits - below is a link to pinned helpful posts...

  • Welcome CARONAL - can't really add much more to Roisin's reply - I too quit cold turkey just 2 years ago there and I could get an out of the blue craving - usually when doing something that triggers a memory of when I smoked - e.g. got one when I went to the dentist a few weeks ago for the first time in over 10 years but it passed in a minute or so as strong and solid in my quit to deal with them, but everyone is different in their cravings and when they start to ease, become less severe and frequent - would say I was at 6 months quit when I felt comfortable with them - set your date and see you here soon :)

  • Hi CARONAL - as others have said, everyone's quit is different but as each day passes you become stronger to deal with the cravings which become less severe and frequent especially after the 6 month mark - set your date and post often here as it is a great help especially in the early days :)

  • Hi CARONAL - all everyone has said below is so true, I am over 100 days quit cold turkey and the cravings are less severe and frequent, they were tough at the very start but ice cold water and deep breathing and keeping busy helped with them, definitely read the pinned posts link Roisin attached as it has some very helpful tips - set your quit date now, we will be here for you!

  • Welcome to this great community CARONAL - yes the cravings do stop - in that they are less frequent and severe as you progress along in your quit, set the date and begin the best journey of your life!

  • Hi CARONAL - I have just joined this forum too and I am on day 9 cold turkey, the cravings were intense for the first week but have eased and no way as intense as the first few days, I think if you can get a week over you, then you can do another week - just still taking it hour by hour and day by day, see you soon on here!

  • I agree - everyone's quit is different. I still have really bad cravings but seem to be getting better at managing them (still early days yet!) My wife used to smoke lots has quit for over 8 years and she doesn't have any inclination to smoke ever (even when having a drink at a party) - so, on that, the cravings/temptations do go away. However, it appears that it can take quite some time.

    All the best,


  • Good to hear from you George Tryingtquit - hope you are keeping well?

  • Hi Roisin, thanks for checking in. Yep I managed a long camping weekend with bonfires, beers and no smoking (even though a couple of friends do). I'm chuffed to bits about hitting the 3 month mark but know it's still early days (hence the 'trying' part of the name - I know I can't get complacent and that I'll be trying to quit for a long time yet). I'm off the champix now and am feeling a little grumpier than normal (!) but think the two might be related. It's either that or the post holiday blues. Speaking of which did you have a nice time? How are you keeping?

  • I'm grand Tryingtquit - holiday is a distant memory now :( Had a great time and were so lucky with the Irish weather, sun shone down on us for the week - its like monsoon weather here today, heavy rain and not a breath of air and thunder on its way. 8-)

    I am still job hunting for a part-time job in a small professional kitchen and continuing to do my home bread making - replied about the moods in your other post :)

  • How are things now CARONAL - have you decided on a quit date yet?

  • Hi Roisin01 today is day two of my quit. I feel fine but I think the challenge is going to be when there's alcohol involved. I think I should take a break from drinking anything during these early days because in the past that is how I have always started up again. Thanks for checking in;)

  • Ah well done CARONAL - this is huge, your over 1 day badge is on its way! - very wise about the alcohol if it is a trigger for you. Do up a new post so you get the deserved support and encouragement from other members, as there is a few around the same stage as you...stay close to us and keep us updated ;)

  • How is day 3 going CARONAL? - nicotine will be out of your system by end of today - keep in touch with us :)

  • Day three is going ok so far thanks for asking. I just atood bext to some smokers and decided they smelled bad. So that's good!

  • Ah the smell of smokers, still makes sick after almost 2 years quit!

  • Caronal,

    Hey there! Hope all is well. I'm still young in sobriety, but for me, the cravings were the least of my worries. I was mentally prepared for it because I knew I would crave something that I gave up after 18 years. The hardest part for me at first was my mean attitude, but thankfully that only lasted a month and a half or so. I guess I'm too excited about being a non-smoker to think of a cig. When I smell it I get foggy headed, but then a headache isn't far behind so it's like my body is on the defense for me haha! Anyway, I know you will be just fine! Take care, hun. :)

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