1 month today !!

Wow, amazed myself and feeling so much better! I'm eating like a pig though because I'm constantly thinking about food, and everything tastes and smells so good now. It's okay for now because I needed to put on a bit of weight any way.

March is certainly a milestone month for me, starting on the 1st, day 1 smoke free.

March 31st is my last day employed, April 1 officially retired. So much to look forward to. Retirement had a big influence on my decision to quit because I want it to be a long and healthy one. It certainly wouldn't have been if I carried on smoking, I know that.

Tonight I'm going to celebrate with a BIG piece of cheesecake because I still don't trust myself with a glass of wine yet and not having a smoke to go with it.

Thanks every one for your help and support, you really help keep me keep going.

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  • Well done and congratulations on the retirement 👏🏻👏🏻 your going to have so much energy and good health to fully enjoy it. And your so right about the food, but your not smoking so why not enjoy a cheesecake. You enjoy that cake and make it a big slice 🙌🏻

  • Good on you :) and have a great retirement 💪

  • Well done on reaching 1 month. Bring on the retirement!! Whoop Whoop!!!

  • A really great positive post and well done and congratulations on your first big milestone of 1 month - you have the right mindset and have so much to look forward to in your retirement smoke free from appreciating nature to living the high life healthier, good for you :)

  • Thanks Roisin, and I just love my new badge!

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