Whoa now!

Today at 5:30 P.M. I managed to be smoke free for 2 weeks! I should be super happy, right? Well, today out of the blue I started feeling fuzzy in the brain, angry, and headaches all day. I have no desire for a cancer stick, but I do desire some peace of mind. I'm drinking ice cold water in a huge sports bottle, cinnamon gum and even took the kids to movie tavern to see Captain Underpants this morning as well as taking my daughter to get supplies for her upcoming dance recital next weekend. Everything about me is fine, except my floaty, fuzzy head and waves of intense anger and sleepiness. I wonder why it is that the longer I am sober from the smoke, the harder it is on me. I keep thinking, "Shouldn't it be the opposite?!" But no pain, no gain, right? This too, shall pass... but whennnn haha!

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  • Hey SheenaL - well done on 2 weeks - that is great!

    What you are feeling at the moment is perfectly normal as you are in the thick of the brain re-wiring which is causing the fuzzy feeling you are having. This will last for a while yet but will improve and ease off as each day passes. Your strength, focus and determination is vital now - You can do this!

    Below is a pinned post of helpful tips if not already read - stay close to us and post anytime....


  • Thanks for the links. I read them all. I love reading articles on what to expect. Takes all the guess work out of everything. Have a great night. I feel much better (for the time being lol).

  • Hi Sheena , I am a few weeks further down the road and have definitely had the same. I spent the week hiding last week as my son was away and I was decorating his bedroom. As the stress rose, my anger rose with it and I was almost desperate for a cigarette!!

    At the other side of it now after nearly strangling the cat and dog and very nearly buying tobacco! The great thing is I didn't buy it or strangle anyone!

    You're doing so well and that's a great attitude you have! Fill your days and keep going, it changes daily :) well done!!

  • Hey SheenaL , how are you feeling today?

  • Pretty good after figuring out why I have been so temperamental. Straight up PMS haha!! It's like magnified right now because it's my first time having PMS without a cancer stick. I'm so glad it's not just from not smoking bc I was scared that I'd be that way permanently and I don't like being mean or in a bad mood. I have also taken myself off the patch too bc I think it was more of a placebo than anything. Been off it that for about 2 days now.

    I will admit I feel like I'm in a daze, like it's not real that I quit smoking. I guess because it was always a big dream of mine that I just couldn't conquer. I didn't think I would ever get away from the smoke, but here I am doing it. It's easier than I worked myself up all those years into thinking it would be. I mean yeah, it has its sucky parts, but over all it's just mainly me finding different ways of coping with stress, boredom, and finding a new, healthier hobby.

  • Keep up that mindset Sheena and reading up as much as you can on quitting and addiction, even if its reading up peoples journeys here, knowledge is key!

    You are doing great and have done so well to come off the patches that quickly, stay close to us :)

  • Yes Ma'am, thanks!

  • Hello, I find that vitamin b complex tablets (one a day) work wonders on controlling irritability. A health nurse agreed with me. Buy from Aldi for 99p for a months supply.

  • You should be proud of yourself either way. I had that feeling for a while also when I quit smoking. You felt you were there but mentally your not.. I remember driving to work and feeling like I would pass out.. Its scary at first. I started working out and now instead of craving for a cig my brain craves to workout. Walk for 30 min or more a day. It might help

  • Thanks! Yeah I totally am starting to understand what people mean when they say they have experienced a dazed, and confused feeling. When I'm driving, sometimes I forget I am or I'm like, dang I feel like I've been driving forever and getting nowhere. It's weird.

    I do Crossfit every other day. And yes, I'm about to start working out even more bc work out days are always my easiest. I can take all my anger and stress out in the box. I do agree you, I crave working out more than a cig.

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