Over a month now!

Ok... this is just not right! So I'm over a month now, why on earth do I feel like this or is it not smoking related? I'm currently full of cold and probably have a viral infection as dizzy, ears blocked etc... but as I do carry in, tell myself but to be ridiculous and get on with everything.. but here's the problem another massive sobbing breakdown.. my poor children ... they don't know about my smoking so all they see now is a crazy sobbing mummy! Sorry any fellas but it is also TOTM so is it possible I'm just really run down?? Or should I just smoke and make it all stop? Genuinely feel out of control again.... bugger thought I had this.. making a docs appointment go seek help

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  • I had a crying meltdown yesterday morning taking my son to school after he told me I was being mean. I never cry, and I though I was having a pretty good day up until then. So pretty sure emotions being all over the place is totally normal. It's just still early for us, even though it feels like it's been a long time. I told someone else your brain is like a toddler throwing a tantrum right now, and that still seems to be a pretty good answer😅 As for the cold, well, that's probably exactly what it is. Just coincidental and happened during your quit. Hopefully doc is helpful, and you feel better soon.

  • hi kpulliam78

    hang in there

    it will get better

    Hugs to you

    take care 😊

    kicking 😎

  • hi Ruby37

    you poor thing.

    sorry your feeling like this.

    I to have got "infection"cant shift it.had 2 antibiotics ❓

    I know its not smoking related.just crapy germs about.

    you say your sobbing.your children wonder why..Are they old enough to tell them about how hard stopping smoking can be.

    But then all the benefits you will all gain.

    Holidays.days out.mammys health.,kids are very understanding.

    A visit to docs may be in order.

    Thinking of you.Hugs

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • You're not alone Ruby37 , lots of people here have described this over the months I've been using the forum. It's the psychological withdrawal messing with your mind and it's very hard to deal with while it's happening. It does go away honestly, although it might feel like it never will at the minute. Hope you feel better soon.

    PS - The symptoms you describe are probably due to a virus so it's definitely worth visiting your GP

    PPS - sorry, no experience of TOTM obviously.....apart from being on the receiving end of its effects! Scary. :-)

  • Nozmo

    you cheeky boy 😂

    ha ha

    sorry.been watching gimme gimme.

  • PPS - sorry, no experience of TOTM obviously.....apart from being on the receiving end of its effects! Scary. :-)

    :D :D

  • Thanks folks... really appreciate replies... interestingly doc has prescribed me Citalipram????!!! Happy pills!!! I have got them from the chemist but want to do a bit of research before I start taking them... I'm not sure a 10 minute consultation is enough to warrant it but maybe I should just take a little help!! Who knows?? It would seem irrational outbursts are actually quite common when giving up! Anybody have any ideas ??

    Ps nozmo you made me giggle thank you!!!

  • Hey Ruby, there is alot of germs going around at the moment - I am still recovering from sinuses, sore throat, cough and just generally feeling completely and utterly drained, it is just the time of the year and nothing we can take for it just let it run its course - can't wait for spring to come - great to see the start of the stretch in the evenings :)

    You are unfortunate you have this along with quitting withdrawal which is perfectly normal to be feeling - I was pulling my hair out from Day 8 to possibly Week 4, but it did gradually improve - lots of deep breathing, bit of exercise, lots of water and some 'Me' time, as your kids didn't know you smoked, maybe tell them that you are getting fit and healthy for the new year and trying to be good and is causing you to be a bit narky and to pass no remarks and it will pass.....

    It is very strange your doc prescribed them for you - annoys me when they think that is the only option, the same when you go to them with anything, 'a virus' is the only diagnosis they give!!

    You are doing great, post anytime - best therapy I think especially from our very own comedian Nozmo to bring a smile and laugh to us all here.... :)

  • Ruby 37, this has been one of the hardest things for me. I have been to doctor twice since I quit because I just feel lousy. I am coming up on 3rd week and my head won't stop hurting, I stay dizzy and can not focus. I feel drunk and I haven't drank in 20 yrs. doctors keep saying it will go away, I'm doing the best thing for me by giving up smoking and that I will eventually not feel like this and can go back feeling normal but smoke free. I want to smoke so bad, I have even caught myself almost giving in cause I'm just tired of fighting urge but what stops me which was just not letting myself lose in the beginning is my son quit too. He and his bothers are my world and he said if u smoke I smoke. So now I try to focus on my benefit of not smoking....my son

  • I promise Hollyu - things will get better soon, wishing you strength, you can do this and WILL do this - post anytime you need to :)

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