mindful of My true desire

I have found that I Can make the decision to smoke - break my quit - even when I know it is not my true desire! This is my fear as I start my day.

If I ride my bike to work it is much less likely that I will smoke during the day. My True Desire is to keep riding my bike to work for as long as I can!

My question is: Will I ever loose this fake desire to smoke, or will I just finally learn not to have that thought?

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  • Ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, I,m guessing it takes a little while, before those moments that trigger our minds to smoke, not least, familiar times, lunch, after work, those moments will become less and less, the longer we progress with our quits, the further we push mr Nico way, the less he attacks, so with great news, it will, just by the nature of life, become a fleeting thought, hardly noticeable.

    Just keep pushing on, doing great

  • Welcome Billybog, perhaps give us a bit more of an introduction, how long are you quit, are you doing it cold turkey?

  • Morning BillyBog, hope you are well? Can you advice of your quit date when you get a chance for your milestone badges. Thanks!

  • Welcome BillyBog. I'm at five months and still get the desire so I don't know if it goes away eventually...but it does get much easier to deal with. I suppose it differs from person to person.

  • You will become hopefully like me stubborn to the desire to smoke, I do things to stop my thoughts that I could if I wanted smoke, it's not a need to smoke it's a ' I can if I want'

    I choose not to though through stubbornness

  • Hello BillyBog - your post reads like a riddle! I'm assuming your quit, your getting craves and you want to know if the craves will end? In a word - yes.

    Craves are just your addiction trying to trick you into smoking and maintain control of you again. A lot of it is learned behaviour - you learned to expect to smoke at certain times - you can unlearn this and learn new habits instead but it takes time.

    I am 16 months quit and have no desire to smoke. Very very occasionally I get the odd thought of having a cigarette but it is just a throwback to previous behaviour and is very easily batted aside - totally inconsequential and certainly no choices of whether to smoke or not to be made.

  • Hi BillyBog. Good to have you aboard. I am nearly 2 and a half months quit cold turkey and agree with all of the others who have posted. At the beginning the desire to smoke is strong but if you take it bit by bit and day by day you notice that the craves get more rare and less strong. Nowadays I rarely get a strong crave just the odd bizarre feeling that I could have one which is reasonably easy to deal with - you have to keep your guard up though. Let us know how you are doing

  • 3 months quit for me and I still feel I'd like to smoke now and then. Not really craving just fleeting thoughts of smoking soon dismissed, don't know how long you've been a smoker, I've been a smoker for a long time so it still feels a bit alien to me being a non smoker, so I accept it may take a while to stop having any thoughts of smoking. Quitting is the best decision you will ever make just stay strong and you will be fine.

  • I have no desire to smoke most of the time, just occasionally. It will happen just not over night. Nice to meet you :)

  • BillyBog....Welcome and actually your post Title is the answer to your question.....It is what you desire....My motto is that if you really want it, you can do it....After a year smoke free ? yes I occasionally think of smoking but then immediately I also think of that cough and headaches and wheezing and...and ...and it can go on...I desired not to smoke and that is what I will do...Stay strong !!!

  • Hey Billy, how are you getting on?

  • Thanks to all for the thoughtful replies to my post- I was looking for some encouraging words, and I found some here!

    After smoking for 30 years, I have been quit (cold turkey) since January 6 this year.

    Stop and start is how it's going!!

    But I can honestly say, I've spend more days tobacco-free in the last six months and less days giving-in to that tricky demon Nicotine.

    Everyday is a new day and I actually feel strong today (and stubborn and fearless) - determined to go forward, continuing day four cigarette-free!

    I will continue to check-in when I can

    "Ours fears are more numerous than the dangers, and we suffer more in our imaginations than in reality" -Seneca

  • Great introductory post BillyBog especially the quote at the end. Well done on Day 4 and congratulations. The nicotine is now out of your system and the mental battle has begun. Read up as much as you can on nicotine addiction and the pinned posts here if not already done so.

    Look forward to reading your progress when you can and your Day 1 milestone is on its way :)

    PS I too quit cold turkey and I just reached my 9 months milestone there on Friday....

  • Hi Billy, congratulations on 4 days quit, I like your determination in never giving up on quitting. As I said previously, the craves will go away if you just hold on tight and don't give in. It's hard work I know but when it gets tricky come here and have a moan. See if we can't help you get through to a more settled quit than your stop/start method :)

  • How are you getting on BillyBog?

  • I feel like I really KICKED it! Breathing easy and no desire to smoke.

    What have I been up to?-

    I have been working out hard, exercising. I am no longer afraid of aerobic activity because now I know I can do it! This has helped immeasurably with my resolve.

    I relish the feeling everyday of my lungs and heart mending and healing.

    Getting fit and eating healthy, now I think I know how people feel when the reach their 40's or 50's and say they never felt better!

  • Ah BillyBog, what a great positive update to read on your progress, well done! Yes, they life begins after 40 / 50 when we quit. Missed your over 50 days badge, will get on to it now, sorry! :)

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