Day 2 of no smoking

Hi All,

Just wanted to give an update on my progress so far :)

Im on day 14 of the Champix and day 3 now of no smoking.

I must be honest and say the Champix is definitely helping with the cravings. Im no longer craving the nasty sticks but the desire to want one is still there.

I think choosing to quit on a weekend was a good choice as i dont have a routine on the weekend so its quite easy to keep your mind busy and thoughts away from smoking. Today being back in work is going to be a challenge as i have to get out of my normal habit of smoking at certain times etc but I've got a plan to keep myself occupied when the need arises.

This weekend has probably been the worst weekend I have experienced (My boiler broke, so I have no heating, i suddenly lost a loved pet and shrunk my brand new jumper) but i just keep thinking I may have chosen the right weekend to give up, through all that stress i still managed not to smoke so maybe its a sign that im ready.

Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

Thank you for reading


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  • Hello. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your much loved pet. I know how this feels and it is awful. I can also sympathise about the boiler breakdown - hapoened to us a year back and what a glorious pain in the backside it was.

    You sound like you are in the right frame of mind which is great. Just take it a day at a time abd stick to your plan. I still find I miss the act of smoking but not the cigarette itself.

    Keep going. You are doing so well that it would be a shame to cave in now. 🙄

  • Hi Mushen,

    Thank you, its been a difficult weekend but i think it proves my determination.

    Typical it goes when the weather gets colder, my poor house is freezing!

    That's how i am feeling, I think i am more missing the act its self than the cigarette. I dont think i would be able to do it without the Champix.

    Thank you, i would also say having a stop smoking app is fab. Thank you mmaya for suggesting it. Its quite nice to see that ive been 2 days, 8 hours and 23 minutes without a cigarette.

    Roll on day 3 :)


  • Great first update sara2503, you are doing so well! Sorry about the loss of your dear pet, we have had a few members here that have gone through the same..

    Our boiler went the beginning of January last year, was bitterly cold in the house and it just goes to show how we take heat and warmth for granted :) Well done for fighting through these stressors - I found I deal with stress alot more calmly since I quit!

  • Thank you RoisinO1, it was a hard weekend.

    I agree, I can say i will not take my heating for granted ever again. I miss having a nice warm towel and dressing gown each morning haha.

    I can say i did take it in a calmer mood than I thought i would have , but i did take the other half's head off a few times yesterday... opps

    I dont want to jinx it but cant believe how well today has gone too being in the office. Im still fighting the need but taking every hour as it comes just makes it that little easier. :)


  • As I do say to my hubby when I snap or give out - thats what ye are there for :D

    You have a great positive attitude which will stand to you, keep the hour by hour strategy - soon you will day by day, then week by week :)

  • Sorry on the loss of your pet. I was a week into my quit when we had to say bye to my eldest dog.

    Well done on your quit. I shared your thoughts when I quit by starting on a Sunday and so far it has worked for me.

    Good luck and I hope you are remaining positive.

  • Hi sara2503 , great post! Congratulations your doing great!!!!

    At the beginning of my quit I feel everything that could've gone wrong went wrong. It was a test and it was brutal for myself and my family. I spent a lot of time away from everyone but it didn't help either. Time is the only thing that helped me.

    Keep at it, stay strong 💪

    My condolences on loosing your pet, very sad indeed 💗

    Hugs xo


  • Well done!

  • So sorry at your loss of your pet , saddens me when I hear a animal has passed on :( 😭on the flip side good on you for trashing the smokes :) your mind will play a million of tricks on you so the only advise I could give while your at this early stage is to try to over come any obstacles that are thrown your way , keep your mind on why you want to quit and fight the good fight 👊you can do this .

  • Thank you Telboy61, fab advise. I keep thinking 1 wont hurt..... but i keep thinking Not another puff, no matter what. (That's my app's advise haha)

  • I replaced the fag with a pint of water, everytime I really needed a fag I just stopped for a 3/4 minutes and actually had a all pint of water, apart from getting rid of the cravings I also got rid of the bad skin after 3 decades of pretty bad acne.


  • I have below pinned post mantra sara2503 if you want to say it every day - it does work in the early days, even if you say it every time you have a craving, just come on here, find the post, open it and say it a few times, you will be surprised that the craving will have passed :)

  • Thank you

  • Good advice there Telboy :)

  • Yep I had the same thoughts just a ickle puff , but you know as a smoker that'll lead to a full fag and so on lol , you can crack this 💪👊🏻

  • We all did!... And then we move in to the next stage which is I deserve one because I'm doing so well lol. Never mind the self pity, I don't drink I don't do drugs, I don't go out, why can't I smoke?! One won't kill me and I'll quit again tomorrow, I did it last week I can do it again tomorrow 😀

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