OMG! Why now?

Hi all,

I have been "lurking" on the fringes over the last couple of months and reading the posts for you guys whilst I have worked my way through my quit attempt. Have managed nearly 2 months and for some reason have been more (or less) fine.....this last week? I could kill someone for a smoke.....seriously, I could!

I know this is the "blah's" setting in, but seriously?

No need to reply, just needed to rant somewhere....before there actually is a murder....


I've been smoke free for 1 month and 29 days (

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  • Yep, been there done that, those days are an absolute b*tch! Lol

    All I can say is do whatever you need to do to vent. I found running good, even if just a few good sprints at full pelt, gets rid of the rage lol.

    Remember it took you loads of time and effort to get to this stage, it's definitely working if you feel like this and you wouldn't want to start from scratch!

    Good luck 😊

  • Hey ToniR , hope you are keeping well? Let me know your birthday when you get a chance.

  • Have a good old rant Iain...rave...shout....kick...twist....whatever it takes to make you feel better.

    Maybe stop short of murder though 😀

  • Would murder be that bad??


  • depends who your targeting :D

  • Weeeelll.......anyone that doesn't understand what giving up smoking is like.....unreasonable?

  • Totally understandable!

  • Huge welcome Iain and congratulations on over 2 months smoke free. Well done! Nearly there with the final stages of the brain re-wiring so just hang in there.

    Will you let me know your quit date and your birthday when you get a chance.

    PS No, murder would not be that bad if you didn't smoke!! :D

  • I don't think you should be advocating murder Roisin....manslaughter maybe. 🙂

  • Ian...Yup it is the last attack of your addiction...I called it the wrath of the nicodemon because he knows he is losing you....(Like Roisen "the final stages of rewiring")...

    Stay strong and do not defend but attack.....!!!!

  • Soooooo, by attack you mean murder? 🤔

  • LOL...Not realy someone but if you can take the Nicodemon out for us there will be millions that will see you as a hero... Stay strong !!

  • Kidding - before anyone takes it too seriously!

  • Lol ..Understood Lian...!!!

  • Can you let me know your birthday Iainm342 when you get a chance, thanks :)

  • It's great to have somewhere to come and have a rant especially when most of us have experienced the same thing. Good going 2 months free

  • Congratulations on almost 2 months quit. Totally get your murderous urges ... I found I had a struggle each time I got to a quit milestone .. all the way up to 12 months. Now I barely notice the milestone so that's good. Keep on ranting to get through it .. it's all good!

  • Hey Iain, have the murderous thoughts subsided somewhat yet? Just got through a very tough few hours there...

  • I moved on fairly quickly - dwelling was never going to end well! You'll be fine, the thoughts go away as quickly as they come (which is massively inconvenient as you don't know when to "be prepared") and then it's all bunny rabbits and bluebirds again!

  • Good to read an update Iainm342 and glad things have settled down again, keep up the great work!

  • Belated welcome from me Iainm342. Glad that you managed to avoid the homicide. Know that feeling well. Sounds like you are doing really well

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