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10 weeks today and no more patches

Gillyo662 Years Smoke Free

I never thought I would say this but its 10 weeks today and I am no longer using the patches. I have learnt how to deal with the cravings which are getting less and less but more intense!

I think the hardest thing was deciding no more cigarettes, I found that a very daunting prospect but once I got over that which took about eight years lol the rest is quite straightforward if you do a day at a time :)

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Telboy614 Years Smoke Free

Doing great welldone 👍

LeesaD2 Years Smoke Free

Gillyo66, u are AMAZING!!!

I only wish I was where you are. I wish I cud see you to give u a proper high 5 honestly!! Such an amazing achievement to just get off the cigs but to get off the patches too...

good on u!! Keep doin what ur doin cos its definitely working for you!!

big massive congrats

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to LeesaD

You are SO going to get here!!! ☺️


Another great positive post - well done Gillyo66 , you are doing great :)

mushenValued Contributor

Brilliant news!

Well done. 😃😃

jobm11 Year Smoke Free

What a fantastic and inspiring post to read! Well done! :)


Well done 👌

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