Two weeks today cold turkey

Day 3 until day 12 no problem now I seem to be battling four times as many cravings. Not gonna let the crazy voice in my head beat me. I was asked yesterday by a stranger in a shop had I lost something. I was standing patting my pockets presumably in search of cigs that weren't there. . No more I want my life back. Love reading all the posts on here everyday. Just typing this albeit drivel makes me stronger. Thanks people. . Smokefreefrank

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  • There are no easy answers nor a pill to stop the cravings but there is all of us who will stand with you and who truly know what your going through. Be firm and stay strong. It will pass... eventually but when it does, u will look back and smile smoke free.

  • hi Frankboyd 2 weeks cold turkey is amazing, I certainly wouldn't have managed it. I found this group a godsend and it definitely helped me through it too. Stay strong and have a lovely weekend 😊

  • Read ure posts in sequence from when u quit. Now that's amazing go u. 😁

  • Well done Frankboyd on 14 days cold turkey - I posted my first post here on Day 8 as was pulling my hair out - you are now in the thick of the mental battle as your brain re-wires - for every day now that passes the stronger you will become - just hang in there, I promise, it will get better - stay close to us and post anytime.....

  • 14 days cold turkey......OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

    Well done. The mental part of quitting I found to be the hardest part of all. For a while there were triggers everywhere and, or so it seemed, people smoking. This is the time when you have to be on your guard and just plough on. Everything you did as a smoker now has to be done as a non-smoker.

    The good news is that this is doable.

    You can and will beat this.

    You don't have to do it alone either. If you need support, do up a post. ☺

    Keep plodding on. 😎

  • Past week 2 now and onto week 3!! Hang in there Frank, you can win this!!!

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